AMC Statement on President Trump’s Sweeping Reductions to National Monuments in Utah

December 4, 2017

Boston, MA – The Appalachian Mountain Club is deeply concerned about today’s precedent-setting announcement from President Trump that he is unilaterally slashing the size of two National Monuments in Utah. While today’s announcement is focused on Utah, it raises serious concerns for National Monuments across the country. AMC opposes rescinding, shrinking, or otherwise diminishing the protections for these special places.

AMC firmly believes that any actions taken by the Administration to change a National Monument’s designation size, allowed uses, or other provisions, is inconsistent with the public processes and public management planning systems already in place in each location.

AMC will continue to track threats to public lands and any possible implications for National Monuments in our region. You can learn more about AMC’s support for public lands and the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument by visiting our website.

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