AMC Books Announces the Publication of AMC’s Real Trail Meals: Wholesome Recipes for the Backcountry

August 18, 2017

Appalachian Mountain Club Books is pleased to announce the release of AMC’s Real Trail Meals: Wholesome Recipes for the Backcountry.

By Ethan and Sarah Hipple
$18.95 (Print) • $9.99 (e-book)
Paperback • 288 pp • 6″x 9″
978-1-628420-60-9 (Print)
978-1-628420-61-6 (iBooks and Nook)
978-1-628420-62-3 (Kindle)

Tired of ending a day on the trail with packaged meals full of preservatives? Kick your menu up a notch with AMC’s Real Trail Meals: Wholesome Recipes for the Backcountry. Drawing on the field experience of outdoor leaders, including AMC staff and hut croo, this compendium of trail-tested recipes delivers a buffet of lightweight and nutritious dishes. Adopting a practical, easy-to-follow approach, the cookbook shares recipes for breakfast, cold lunches and snacks, hot dinners, and desserts and sweet drinks, as well as the basic principles of dehydrating to create your own preservative-free and trail-stable foods. At-a-glance icons on every recipe indicate dietary preferences (vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.), as well as which dishes should be made at home, in the field, or consumed on the first night out. Most important for backpackers and others looking to hike light, each recipe comes with a breakdown of nutrients to pack weight, giving you the most calorie-dense bang for your buck. Whether you’re planning a weeklong excursion in the wilderness or seeking healthy snacks for a day hike, this cookbook will serve up memorable outdoor meals for years to come.

AMC’s Real Trail Meals

Inside You’ll Find

  • 152 delicious recipes for backpackers, campers, and hungry hikers
  • Nutrition and pack-weight information for each dish
  • At-a-glance icons noting which recipes are vegetarian, vegan, dairy- and nut-free, etc.
  • Everything you need to know about backcountry meal planning and packing, food safety and preparation, and cooking methods
  • LNT-friendly tips to ensure you leave your cooksite spotless
  • Detailed breakdown of water-treatment methods

About the Authors
Ethan Hipple, the director of recreation for the city of Portland, Maine, has served on the Appalachian Mountain Club’s hut croo and has guided wilderness trips for Prescott College. He co-authored AMC’s Outdoors with Kids Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Sarah Hipple runs her own business, Welcome Home Personal Chef Service, which operates in Maine and New Hampshire. While a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, she spent her summers cooking in AMC huts. The couple lives in Portland with their kids, Jackson and Tasha.

Ordering Information for AMC Books
AMC Books are available nationwide through booksellers and outdoor retailers, and can be ordered directly from AMC at or by calling 800-262-4455. (AMC members receive a 20% discount.) E-book versions are available online through Amazon, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble. AMC Books are distributed to the book trade by National Book Network.

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