Massachusetts Parks & Trails Need Your Help

Write Your State Senator before May 21

If you have ever enjoyed a walk, hike, or ski at Mt. Greylock, the Blue Hills, Middlesex Fells, the Mount Holyoke Range, or any of the other amazing locations managed by the Department of Conservation & Recreation, please call your State Senator today.

The state budget is now being considered by the Massachusetts Senate. In the last decade, the Department of Conservation & Recreation’s staffing for operating state parks is down 31%. The tide has started to turn with the budget passed last year that restored over 40 positions, but the agency is still down over 400 positions that care for 450,000 acres of parks, beaches, and forests across the state.

Last month, the House of Representatives passed a budget that would restore $5.5 million by funding DCR State Parks and Recreation at $45.7 million. However, the Senate Ways & Means Committee has proposed to fund DCR State Parks & Recreation at $3 million less than what the House passed, at $42.4 million.

We can do better. Senator Anne Gobi has introduced an amendment for $47 million, which would more fully restore visitor, maintenance, and stewardship services. AMC supports Senate Amendment #936

The budget debate starts on May 21. Send a quick email to your Senator’s office before then to ask for their support!