Speak Up to Protect the National Environmental Policy Act

The White House Council on Environmental Quality is proposing a massive rewrite of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a fundamental environmental law that requires a robust environmental analysis before any project that uses federal funds or needs federal permits can proceed.

Don’t Roll Back NEPA

The first major concern with the proposed rollback is the new definition for “major federal action.” If enacted, this new definition would significantly narrow the types of projects that would require a NEPA environmental analysis, eliminating projects with minimal federal funding or federal involvement. The second problematic change is to the definitions of “significant” and “cumulative actions”, which would eliminate the analysis of climate change impacts for oil & gas development for example. The third significant change is the rolling back of the requirement that NEPA environmental reviews include a robust list of reasonable alternatives. The proposed change would limit alternatives to only those that meet the needs of the applicant, rather than considering other values or perspectives, including the environment. Speak up today to oppose these proposed changes.