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Build Back Better

Conservation, Stewardship, Equity, and Jobs Are at Stake in Congress’s Reconciliation Bill

Congress is currently focused on the Build Back Better Act, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives in November but faces an uncertain future in the Senate.  This budget reconciliation bill would drive the largest climate investment in American history, recognizing that land is our greatest asset in addressing the escalating crisis of warming, extreme weather, and biodiversity loss. 

If the Build Back Better Act becomes law, longtime priorities that AMC is fighting for would finally become a reality :  a Civilian Conservation Corps to put our youth to work combating the climate crisis; billions of dollars to conserve forests that sequester carbon while protecting clean drinking water and expanding recreation opportunities; a major investment in urban parks and equitable access to the outdoors so that all can benefit from nature’s physical, mental, and climate-mitigating protection; and the serious empowerment of sound science through research and restoration. 

The bill has had a rocky path, and  success in the Senate is not at all certain.   We hope you’ll add your voice in support of real, game-changing climate legislation at last.  Please reach out to your Senators today to urge their active support for retaining these important provisions in the final reconciliation package.