Creating People-Centered Transportation and Infrastructure

Support People-Centered Transportation and Infrastructure

Earlier this month, the Senate passed a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package. The House of Representatives is expected to consider the Senate’s bill, plus an additional $3.5 trillion in infrastructure investments, in September.

This legislation is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve our nation’s transportation and infrastructure – and it has important implications for our parks, trails, and rivers. Please ask your legislators to prioritize investments in people-centered transportation and infrastructure when considering this legislation.

This infrastructure bill could invest in several recent AMC priority projects, including:

  • Dam removal and dam safety projects, which restore rivers and wildlife habitat.
  • The 21st Century Civilian Climate Corps, which would employ thousands of young people in projects related to climate change mitigation and resilience.
  • The Connecting America’s Active Transportation System Act, which the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee passed in May. This program establishes competitive grants for projects that create active transportation connectivity, such as walking and biking trails.
  • The INVEST in America Act, a visionary transportation bill that includes key funding and programs for trails and active transportation. The INVEST Act doubles dedicated funding for trails, walking, and biking, and it increases trails funding to states by 75%. It also includes provisions to:
    • increase transportation access for underserved communities to public lands and waters,
    • enhance access to park and recreational opportunities in underserved urban neighborhoods,
    • and provide opportunities for youth employment.

Now is the time to speak up. Please ask your legislator to ensure that these priorities for improving our nation’s outdoor infrastructure are included in the final infrastructure bill.