Urge Your State to Invest Equitably in Clean and Active Transportation

Support Cleaner Transportation

Urge Your State to Invest Equitably in Clean and Active Transportation

Transportation emissions are now our region’s largest cumulative source of greenhouse gas emissions and a significant source of smog and soot, contributing to the climate crisis that’s already causing shorter winters and more intense storms. Each part of the region faces different transportation challenges, but we’re all affected by deficiencies in the system, health concerns from pollution, and economic disparities. As we enter this new decade, we have an opportunity to modernize our transportation options and address regional transportation needs. States must prioritize investments in modernized, equitable transportation systems.

With recent increases in federal funding and programs aimed at improving infrastructure, states have a significant opportunity to combat climate change. These new programs must result in reductions in transportation emissions, include transparent policy development, and specifically invest in underserved and overburdened communities.

While federal funding is good news for infrastructure, how we spend that money matters most. States should prioritize investments in transportation that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollution, improve transit options for all, and address environmental justice issues in underserved and overburdened communities. And because air pollution doesn’t stop at state lines, state leaders should consider regional efforts to combat air pollution.

Expanded federal funding provides a key opportunity for states to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also an opportunity to expand public transit options, invest in cleaner technologies, and increase access to greenways, trails, and green space. Air quality monitoring should be put in place to ensure that reductions in air pollution benefit communities that have traditionally been disproportionately affected by it.

Transportation investments are a crucial step toward ameliorating social justice issues, combatting climate change, and improving quality of life across our region. Please ask your governor to support cleaner and healthier transportation options.