Support the Establishment of a Massachusetts Office of Outdoor Recreation

Massachusetts Office of Outdoor Recreation

Support Senate Budget Amendment #94

Outdoor recreation enhances the health, quality of life, and well-being of Massachusetts residents. It’s also an important contributor to the state’s economy. But unlike many other states, Massachusetts does not have an office to support, promote, and expand outdoor recreation opportunities across the state. AMC supports a bill and a budget amendment, now in the State Legislature, that would establish a State Office of Outdoor Recreation as well as a Senate Budget Amendment, led by Senator Adam Hinds that would allocate $200,000 establish and staff the new office.

Please join AMC in asking your State Senator to support Budget Amendment #94 to establish a State Office of Outdoor Recreation.

The Senate will begin debating the budget on May 24, so please write as soon as possible.

In Massachusetts, the outdoor recreation industry generates 114,000 direct jobs and $5.5 billion in wages and salaries. A flourishing outdoor recreation industry is an important part of the state’s economic growth.

An Office of Outdoor Recreation will act as a centralized resource to promote outdoor opportunities in Massachusetts. It would also launch new recreation initiatives, especially to ensure equitable access to the outdoors, and provide expertise for the restoration of public spaces. And we’d be in good company: 17 other states have successfully established Offices of Outdoor Recreation.

Please send a message to your State Senator in support of Budget Amendment #94.