AMC White Mountain Campsite & Caretaker Program

The purpose of the AMC’s White Mountain Campsite and Caretaker Program is to ensure the continuing sustainability of backcountry areas in the White and Mahoosuc Mountains. This is achieved through the complementary approaches of outreach and engagement as well as hands-on conservation work. While the roots of the program are found in the ‘backpacker boom’ of the 1960s, the boom has continued as use is always on the rise. Caretakers serve as educators, managers, trail crews, ridgerunners, and human waste experts.

Since its inception in 1970, the Campsite and Caretaker program has been on the leading edge of natural resource and recreation management. Examples include developing successful human waste composting techniques, outreach to large groups, campsite design, and impact mitigation.

AMC maintains 15 campsites along the Appalachian Trail, with an additional four campsites along the Grafton Loop Trail. These campsites are staffed with caretakers during the busier summer months, but are open year round for use. During the summer months, we charge a $10/ person fee to offset the cost of running the program.

By the Numbers

  • 15 Campsites, 9 of which are staffed by caretakers

  • 15,000-18,000 overnight visitors annually

  • 50% of use occurs at four campsites: Liberty Springs, Garfield Rige, Guyot, and Nauman

  • 2,000 gallons of human waste composted

More Information

For more information regarding AMC’s White Mountain Campsite and Caretaker Program contact Joe Roman, 603-466-8115.

More Information