A Northeastern Alpine Bibliography and Library: Research, Education, and Stewardship

Over the span of the past century an array of research has been conducted on northeastern alpine ecosystems, but knowledge of and access to that accumulated information base can be challenging. During the 7th Northeastern Alpine Stewardship Gathering in 2011, researchers and land managers articulated the need to capture and make more readily available the Northeast alpine ecological, educational, and stewardship knowledge base achieved to date.From that discussion evolved this project to create an up-to-date bibliography of scientific and management related articles on Northeastern alpine ecosystems, and make this information more known and widely available.This includes capturing the 'gray' literature (i.e. technical reports, white papers, working papers, and pre-prints) and other not readily accessible reports, particularly pre-digital era documents such that they will not be lost. This compilation and centralization of relevant published scientific books and journal articles, 'gray' literature, educational materials, and stewardship techniques on northeastern United States alpine ecosystems will better equip researchers and land managers worldwide to locate and access this information base. This tool can catalyze new research initiatives, support ongoing research, inform land managers and teachers, and strengthen northeast alpine stewardship through education.

The bibliography can be accessed in 2 different formats, depending on the users' needs:
Simple bibliography - a list of all known documents in pdf format
Bibliography plus - a list of all known documents plus abstracts in MS Excel format. If a digital copy of the document is available, the file name is listed as well, and the document can be downloaded from the library here.


Please note: there appears to be compatibility issues with accessing the bibliography and library with some browsers (in particular observed with Firefox). If you are having difficulty accessing files, try using another browser.

If you know of resources that are not listed in the bibliography, are aware of new resources that are developed, or have corrections to the current bibliography, please let us know about them (along with any information, and an digital copy if available for public use) so they can be included and made available to others working in alpine areas in the Northeast. Contact dweihrauch@outdoors.org

This project was made possible with funding from the Waterman Alpine Stewardship Fund.