It's Time To Speak Up

Raise your voice for the outdoors you love.

On December 31, the 114th Congress will end. And the door will close on outstanding bills that affect the protection of our natural resources, public lands, and even the very air we breathe.

It's up to us - all of us - to make sure important conservation issues are addressed before our current U.S. Senators and Representatives leave Washington.

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Let's #FinishTheBusiness together!

#FinishTheBusiness - What's At Stake

The current Congress has failed to address many key conservation measures. 

In fact, overall the 114th Congress has passed far fewer pieces of legislation than any previous Congress in history. Important issues from land conservation programs to river and watershed initiatives have languished on their watch.

If the year ends before these measures are addressed, 2017 will start with a clean slate and all progress will be lost. We'll start at square one and any bill not passed into law will need to be re-introduced. 

Your outdoors can't risk any more delays!

It's time to make up for lost time. That's why AMC is counting on people like you to help us tell Congress to #FinishTheBusiness.and advance conservation-focused legislation before the end of 2016. 

Learn more about our urgent Legislative priorities:

Permanently Reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) protects our nation's special places. It allocates a small percentage of off-shore energy leasing revenues to crucial land protection programs such as the Highlands Conservation Act and the Forest Legacy Program..

LWCF is a visionary and bipartisan federal funding program and Congress needs to make it a special priority. Learn more>> 

AMC has compiled a list of current funding priorities for LWCF.  Review the list>>

Reauthorize the Highlands Conservation Act

The Highlands Conservation Act protects the highest valued conservation areas in the Mid-Atlantic Highlands of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.

Reauthorizing this powerful program will put millions of dollars in federal funding to work to revitalize and protect the Highlands region. Learn More>>

Pass the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act

The Delaware River Basin Conservation Act will fund projects improving the Delaware River. The act allows organizations to secure federal grant money for projects that will address pollution issues, improve habitat in the Delaware River Basin, and more. 

This legislation recently passed in the Senate, but the House of Representatives still needs to hear from you. Learn more>>

Finalize Budget & Appropriations

Congress has still not passed a budget for the 2017 fiscal year that began on October 1, 2016.

Continuing resolutions have extended funding for federal agencies into December 2016. However, this leaves the funding status of many conservation projects uncertain - including those associated with the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

AMC is calling on Congress to pass appropriations bills for conservation agencies. These appropriations will fully fund programs like LWCF, while addressing outstanding needs for firefighting and making smart conservation investments elsewhere.

Use the sign-up form on the top of the page to get updates about how you can speak up to ensure this crucial funding.

Learn more about our urgent Regulatory priorities:

As an outdoor lover, you know that clean air and clean power are essential to having great days on the trail, on the water, and wherever else you get out. 

That's why AMC has long recognized and supported legislation and regulations which aim to improve air quality and reduce the effects of climate change.

You can learn more about important initiatives that improve our views and our health while we enjoy the great outdoors using the links below:


Key Conservation Priorities