Engaging schools in local communities

AMC’s successful A Mountain Classroom program provides the cornerstone of the Maine Woods Community Youth and Environment Project (MWCYEP). AMC staff, in partnership with local educators and youth serving professionals, offer outdoor academic, recreational and skills-based programs that increase local youth’s connection to their natural landscape while supporting youth development. MWCYEP provides over 1,500 students with over 2,100 youth experiences in day and overnight programs annually.

Program Goals include

  • Improving and supporting Pre K-12 students’ educational experience through hands-on environmental education in the outdoors. Work with educators to integrate lessons into curricula and address national and state standards.

  • Supporting positive youth development through life-affirming outdoor activities that also advance the objectives of our regional partners.

  • Enhancing leadership skills in local youth.

  • Offering professional development opportunities for incorporating the outdoors into education.

  • Helping local students develop a sense of place as they experience the nearby mountains, rivers, lakes and forest of their communities and surrounding area.

Core beliefs that support these initiatives include

  • Our understanding of the importance of natural experiences to the overall well-being of youth.

  • Our dedication to programming that incorporates three developmental domains (intellectual, physical, and social).

  • Our belief that many of the goals listed above can be accomplished simultaneously through engaging outdoor programming.

It is our belief that a strong outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship culture, built around a community of active, young residents with a deep sense of place will greatly enhance both regions’ ability to attract and retain young adults and families. Youth passing through AMC’s programming will carry with them into adulthood unique learning experiences that change their perspectives about their region and the outdoors.

A Mountain Classroom staff actively raised funds from individuals and foundations to support our program efforts. Contact us if you would like to learn more about supporting these efforts.