Land Conservation

Breaking news: Forest Society of Maine, Open Space Institute, AMC Team Up to Conserve 4,358-acre Parcel Surrounding Silver Lake and West Branch of Pleasant River. View Press Release>>

Through the Maine Woods Initiative (MWI) AMC has permanently conserved 70,000 acres of forestland, including 22,000 acres of ecological reserve. Together with adjacent lands this creates a 60-mile conservation corridor from Moosehead Lake to Baxter State Park, comprising nearly 650,000 contiguous acres of conservation land open to public recreational use. AMC’s lands are held under multiple conservation easements with the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands and The Nature Conservancy, and are managed for recreation, ecological protection, sustainable forestry and scientific research. See a land management map of our lands.

The AMC Conservation and Recreation Lands permanently conserve more than 100 square miles of the Maine Woods including 17 lakes and ponds, 20 miles of streams, 3,500-foot Baker Mountain, buffer 17 miles of the Appalachian Trail corridor, Caribou Bog, and multiple stands of late-successional forests, wetlands and other critical wildlife habitat. It is an incredible landscape that is forever conserved for future generations.

AMC’s Land Management Program works to uphold the conservation values of the property while balancing public recreation opportunities, timber management, and restoring the ecology of the landscape. We maintain important roads and bridges on the property to ensure access to ponds, rivers, trails, AMC Maine Wilderness Lodges, and campsites. We maintain the trails, signs, campsites, and water access points.

The conservation of these lands was made possible in part through funding from the Land for Maine’s Future Program and the federal Forest Legacy Program.