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Join a volunteer trail work weekend, become a trail adopter, or teens can join a Maine Woods Teen Trail Crew. Click below to search for trail programs or contact Jared Coyne, MWI Trails Supervisor 207-695-3085

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Maine Woods Trail Program

A major goal of the Maine Woods Initiative is to create a new world-class destination for backcountry outdoor recreation, and trails are one fundamental way in which people will experience this incredible landscape.

Since 2003 the AMC has been a leader in the development of trails in the Moosehead Lake Region, building more than 60 miles of new hiking, biking and skiing trails as well as 12 backcountry campsites in the 100-Mile Wilderness for public use. Today AMC maintains 130 miles of trails across 70,000 acres of our ownership, and we are building more trails on our lands as well as adjacent conservation lands owned by Plum Creek. The Maine Woods Trails Program is building and maintaining these trails under the leadership of our full the time Trails Supervisor, with seasonal professional trails crews working May to October. Volunteers play a critical role in building and maintaining these trails, and we invite you to join us on an adult Volunteer Vacation, a Maine Woods Teen Trail Crew programs, or a volunteer work weekend with the Maine Chapter.

AMC’s Lands and Trails programs are based in Greenville, Maine out of the Maine Operations and Equipment Shop.