Every year the AMC’s White Mountain Trail Crew replaces weathered or out-of-date trail signs with new ones. The old signs are collector’s items, having guided thousands of visitors for many years along celebrated paths throughout the Whites. All proceeds from the auction directly support AMC’s trail maintenance efforts. The auction ends at 9am EST on 11/22/20.

The 2020 auction includes the following signs:

Baldface Circle Trail

The Baldface Circle Trail feels like one of a kind with its 360-degree views, unique loop hike, and seasonal wild blueberries flanking the path along Evans Notch. Why it’s gained popularity is no surprise. This sign likely greeted most hikers as they started their trip in the mixed forest of birches, beeches, and conifers without giving away too much of what was to come. It is an older sign with the carriage bolt holes and indents to prove it. This is a special sign from a special place.

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Mahoosuc Trail

A diamond in the rough. That’s what the Mahoosuc Range is and anyone who has spent any time there knows how beautiful and demanding it can be. This sign sat in the woods where the Carlo Col Trail meets the Mahoosuc Trail and has guided plenty of thru-hikers, groups, and those hiking the Carlo/Goose Eye loop. While still in decent shape, blowdowns forced changes to its placement. It can now be yours to reminisce about all that web slab you had to navigate along the way.

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Mt. Jefferson Loop Trail

This sign sat among the rocks and hardy alpine plants along the trail, getting sun-bleached in summer and poked at during winter months. Offering only directional arrows instead of distances, the sign guided hikers without describing how long it would take to get to the summit of Mt. Jefferson, or the remaining distance to Madison Hut. This is a stout sign made to last in all types of weather conditions, yet with most of the white and green paint worn off it was time to replace. Now it could be yours.

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Old Bridle Path Trail

This sign has greeted everyone from tourist or solo hiker to every hut croo member, trail crew volunteer, and NH Park staff. It sat at the very start of the trail where hikers would pass with their grand plans, overloaded packs, or dogs in tow. While still remarkably readable, this old-style sign with backerboard (now gone) was showing more and more rot on the top and back. This is a real gem! Imagine sitting back and reliving that awesome ridgeline hike from the comfort of your home.

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Twinway Trail

A main thoroughfare of the White Mountains connecting Zealand Hut to Galehead Hut with one end feeling like the other – rocky, steep, and about a mile long. This sign sat at the top of South Twin coaxing hikers to go just a little farther to respite. For the experienced hiker, the Garfield Ridge Trail equals unrelenting ups and downs. For the unexperienced, ups and downs all the same but with more emotion. This sign has weathered so much that all the white paint is gone and the lettered raised, yet somehow the green paint has lasted. Now it can last a lifetime in your home.

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Webster-Jackson Trail

A classic White Mountain hike. Steep climb to a ridge, traverse, steep descent right back to where you started. Go home tired but check one more 4,000-footer off your list (Jackson). This sign sat at the fork in the trail and has seen the best and worst of people – fresh and excited to start the day and then hours later with sore knees, blisters, and not quite out of the woods yet. This burly sign has some great gnaw marks on the top corners and could be yours to enjoy at home.

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