100 Mile Wilderness

The Issues

Historically land in the 100-mile Wilderness region was owned by larger paper and timber companies, who served as stewards of the land and provided public access. Changes in land ownership and development pressures have fragmented natural communities and blocked local access for traditional recreation. At the same time, local communities are seeking to attract more nature-based tourism that depends on these resources.

Our Work

Maine Woods Initiative

AMC’s organizational strengths come together in the Maine Woods Initiative, a long term effort to address regional ecological and economic needs through outdoor recreation, resource protection, sustainable forestry, and community partnerships. To date, AMC has protected 70,000 acres of forest land, built over 80 miles of trails, and rebuilt and opened three traditional sporting camps as our Maine Wilderness Lodges.

Land, Water, Energy

Our conservation policy efforts include both regional and statewide issues, including land and water conservation [link], energy project siting [link], and threats to natural resources such as mineral mining.


Our staff and dedicated volunteers are working on an effort to build a regional trails system around Greenville and Moosehead Lake that would connect the town to AMC’s trail network.

Contact Us

Bryan Wentzell

AMC Maine Policy Manager

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