About the Bay Circuit trail and Greenway

The Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway (BCT) is a 230-mile trail extending through 37 towns in Eastern Massachusetts and linking parks and open spaces from Plum Island to Duxbury/Kingston Bay. To a large degree, it is a multi-use trail allowing hiking, trail running, backpacking, biking, horseback riding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and paddling. 


The Bay Circuit Alliance was formed in 1990 to protect and promote the Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway. The Alliance is a partnership of local, state and federal agencies, organizations and individuals, public and private, working to support the Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway. In 2012 the AMC and The Trustees of Reservations agreed to lead the Bay Circuit Alliance in the completion, enhancement, and long-term care of the Bay Circuit Trail and Greenway.

Bay Circuit Trail Map and Guide

Bay Circuit Trail Inventory and Assessment Report (pdf, 545kb)

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Kristen Sykes
AMC Director of Conservation Strategies
Bay Circuit Alliance Director of Operations
Amherst, MA

Christine Viola
Bay Circuit Trail Volunteer Programs Supervisor
Boston, MA