About the Connecticut River Watershed

Flowing 410 miles from the Canadian border to Long Island Sound, the CT River Watershed ties together four New England states -Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The watershed encompasses the Silvio O. Conte U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge and includes 7.2 million acres of mountains, streams, wildlife habitat, nearly 400 cities and rural towns, working lands, and wild and scenic rivers. More than 10 percent of the U.S. population lives within 100 miles of the watershed.

Our Work

AMC has been active in the Connecticut River Watershed for more than a century, from early paddling explorations by our members on the CT River and its tributaries in the late 1800’s, to present day development and stewardship of the New England National Scenic Trail and the CT River Paddlers’ Trail. We are also a member of the Friends of Conte a coalition working in support of the Silvio O. Conte U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge. We hope you will get out and explore the trails and waters of this exciting region!

In 2016 and 2017, AMC’s Professional Trail crew built 3 new Paddler’s Trail Campsites in Massachusetts and Connecticut:

Removal of the invasive water chestnut is a high priority for the Conte Refuge. Watch this webinar to see how you can get involved. 


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Director of Conservation & Recreation Policy
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AMC New England National Scenic Trail Planner
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AMC Director of Conservation Strategies
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