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From the Housatonics to the Ramapos to the Michaux State Forest, the Mid-Atlantic Highlands region of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut forms a 3.5 million acres greenbelt around the sprawling metropolitan region of Philadelphia, New York City and Hartford. The Highlands were federally recognized by Congress in 2004 under the Highlands Conservation Act.

Coalition Building

AMC is leading the four-state Highlands Coalition, an alliance of nearly 200 nonprofit, municipal, state, and federal organizations, which advocate for federal funding to protect this region, through the Highlands Conservation Act and other sources. AMC also leads the Pennsylvania Highlands Coalition.

Building the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail

AMC is building the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Network, an interconnected network of recreational trails located within the 1.9 million-acre, 13 county Pennsylvania Highlands region. The PA Highlands Trail will extend from the New York-New Jersey Highlands Trail through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Research and Resource Protection

AMC has developed maps of the Highlands and its resources, highlighting the special areas of this region that should be set aside as open space. AMC has produced a number of research reports on open space, hiking trails, and water resources in the region.

AMC is a leader in advocating for funding to conserve land and resources in the Highlands through federal programs such as the Highlands Conservation Act, Forest Legacy Program, and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

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