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AMC and the Pennsylvania Highlands

About the Pennsylvania Highlands

The Pennsylvania Highlands are part of the 3.5 million acre Highlands Region, a four-state region of high-elevation, forested land that spans Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The Highlands were federally recognized by Congress with the Highlands Conservation Act of 2004. Stretching across 1.9 million acres of natural landscape, the Pennsylvania Highlands cover 13 counties and 200 municipalities, and are a state-recognized Mega Greenway. They also contain the headwaters for the Mid-Atlantic seaboard and provide water to roughly nine million people. The Pennsylvania Highlands provides a backyard paradise for the cities of Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Lancaster. Its proximity to those cities means that city dwellers can enjoy a myriad of outdoor recreation opportunities - from hiking and horseback riding on the Horse-Shoe Trail, to kayaking on the Lehigh River- all within a short drive.

This unique region is also home to a diverse flora and fauna that includes tundra swans, brook trout, bog turtles, bald eagles, and peregrine falcons. It provides natural carbon sequestration that helps ensure clean air and a healthy climate, and is free from energy development pressures taking place elsewhere in the state.

About the Pennsylvania Highlands Coalition

The Pennsylvania Highlands Coalition is a diverse and effective public-private partnership that conserves critical working and natural lands and natural resources and promotes the development and enjoyment of recreational trails in the Pennsylvania Highlands. Our mission is to conserve and connect critical lands and natural resources across the Pennsylvania Highlands and to promote the recreational enjoyment of these resources. The partnership focuses on land conservation;regional and local trail planning;partnerships with conservation landscapes;and advocacy and education.


To learn more about AMC's work in the Pennsylvania Highlands Region, visit pahighlands.org.