4,000-Footers on Instagram: How the N.H. 48 Stack Up

August 27, 2018
We tracked elevation (light green) versus hashtags (dark green) of New Hampshire’s most popular 4,000-Footers on Instagram.

Poor Mount Monroe. Despite its stature as the fifth-highest mountain in New Hampshire, it doesn’t crack Instagram’s top 10 of the most-hashtagged 4,000-footers in the state. To conduct our pseudo-scientific popularity poll, we used the same convention for all 48 peaks: “mt” or “mtn” before or after the name, as listed in AMC’s White Mountain Guide. Because results are likely skewed by Massachusetts’ Mount Tom and Tasmania’s Mount Field, we’ve included two runners-up. You’re welcome, Madison. Monroe, you’re still out of luck. Tag your own Instagram photos #amcoutdoors for a chance to be featured in a future issue.

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Kelly Thomsen

Kelly Thomsen, a rising senior at Sewanee, is AMC Outdoors' summer 2018 intern.