There’s more to explore

As members, we have the best adventures.

We discover new escapes close to home, continue traditions at the lodges and huts, and seek to expand our horizons.

We crash through whitewater. Blaze new trails. Revel in quiet sunsets. And delight in a good challenge.

Members share a lot. We learn. We teach. We lead.

We are wowed and awed by the incredible natural places we explore.

Because of that, we build, maintain, and care for trails. We protect public land, clean air, and clean water. And we impart to others -of all ages and all walks of life- the joy and value of being outdoors.

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AMC Member Testimonials

“This year with AMC, I learned something new, reveled in splendid summer days, and had so much fun outdoors. I can’t wait to see what I’ll do next.” Stephanie P.- New York-North Jersey Chapter – Member since 2013

“When I think of AMC, I think of the convenience of the trails, the stories I bring back, and finding more time to do what I love to do with an organization I love.” Andrew L.- Boston Chapter – Member since 2013

“With AMC, I’ve found tons of opportunities to escape my average day-to-day. I can’t wait to get out again” Seth R.- Washington, DC Chapter – Member since 2012