Welcome to the wonderful new world of Standup Paddleboarding otherwise known as “SUP”!  We are excited to offer you the chance to try this exciting activity which has emerged as one of the fastest-growing paddling sports in the country.

In some ways SUP is less “technical” than kayaking and poses less risk since the board lays flat on the water and is almost impossible to capsize.  It does, however, require balance and paddleboarders thus fall off their boards with some frequency, especially in wavier conditions.  The good news is that the surface of the board is only a few inches above the waterline making it easy to climb back on.  You can also paddle on your knees (using a stroke similar to that of a canoe).  Most people are able to gain their “SUP” legs in about 10 minutes.

Paddleboarders generally travel at half the speed of kayakers (2-3 mph vs. 4-5 mph).  Because paddleboarding is done standing up, it is much more sensitive to wind conditions- anything over 10mph makes for a hard slog (though you can drop down to your knees).  Paddleboarding is best learned in calm, flat water in low wind conditions – as you gain experience you can gravitate to open bay and ocean waters, where waves and current add an additional challenge to tracking and stability.

Our trips are geared towards introducing you to the sport, where you will learn all the rudiments, including safety, equipment, and basic paddling strokes.  We typically choose locations on the Bay or on lakes and rivers that offer relaxed to easy excursions roughly 2-3 hours in duration covering 3-5 miles.  Most of our departure points are serviced by an outfitter from whom you can rent all of the equipment you will need, including personal flotation device (PFD), paddleboard, paddle, and other amenities.

Paddleboarding gives you a great core workout and is a whole lot of fun! We hope you will give it a try!

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