Our Chapter offers those who share our principles and values the chance to participate in the AMC Mission Statement through public service. We operate through the efforts of dedicated volunteers and are always in need of others willing to serve. Our conservation and trails committees offer numerous conservation activities and trail maintenance projects and our various subcommittees are always in need of assistance. These activities offer the opportunity for people to meet others who enjoy giving back to the outdoors regardless of skill level or ability. Please reflect on the efforts of our volunteers and consider volunteering yourself!

The AMC has a long and rich history of volunteers building community, sharing skills and knowledge, doing conservation work, and getting outdoors with friends and family. Volunteering opportunities of all types are what keep us going! Below you’ll find some great ways you can volunteer to support the AMC Narragansett Chapter.

You can even get started right now by volunteering 5 minutes of your time and clicking the button below to take this quick survey about volunteering in your area!

Three critical volunteer opportunities are opening at the AMC Narragansett Chapter – Chair, Vice Chair, & Membership Chair!

Serving in these roles is a great way to learn about our chapter, meet others, and help get people outdoors for fun and good health. Take the challenge to be a leader!

What do the Chair, Vice Chair, and Membership Chair get to work with?

  • 3,000 members and 100+ volunteer leaders
  • Our leaders offered 250 activities in 2017
  • 12 active subcommittees offering over 10 different types of activities

What do the Chair and Vice Chair do?

The Chair and Vice Chair work collaboratively to lead the Chapter’s Executive Committee, a group of volunteers who have specific roles and responsibilities in the Chapter such as Treasurer, Activities Chair, and Communications Chair. This committee sets goals, manages chapter operations, and works to increase participation in our activities and projects. While every Chapter Chair and Vice Chair brings their own experience and style, here are some examples of the basic responsibilities:

  • 2-year terms, 2-4 hours per week
  • Plan and run monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • Support and coordinate the volunteer work of the Executive Committee
  • Work with AMC staff on common projects
  • Serve on the Chapters Committee – a committee of the AMC Board of Directors that meets three times per year (Vice Chair highly encouraged to attend these meetings)
  • Ensure chapter activities align with AMC’s mission, vision, & procedures
  • Vice Chair supports the Chair and steps up as Chair at end of 2-year term

Who helps the Chapter Chair and Vice Chair?

The Chair and Vice Chair are supported by many people, including the Executive Committee members, our Regional Director, and Volunteer Relations staff. This group will assist the new Chair and Vice Chair to hit the ground running following our Annual Meeting in November.

What can you do?

We are reaching out to the chapter membership in search of nominations for organized, enthusiastic members willing to serve in either role. You might be just the person we are searching for, or perhaps you know the ideal candidate. With all we have going on, we need top notch volunteers to fill these positions. Please contact us at NACommunications@outdoors.org if you would like additional details or to nominate yourself or someone you know. If you’re interested in helping out in other ways, let us know too!