Adventure Travel Trip Leadership

AMC Adventure Travel facilitates domestic and international trips that are led by experienced volunteer leaders. As a leader, you propose and design your own trips which provides for a constantly changing trip calendar and exciting new travel opportunities all of the time. Not only are you able to explore far reaching locations but you lead other outdoors enthusiasts and share your passion and knowledge for the outdoors.

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You Create the Trip 

Once you are approved as a Leader then you design your own trips. Always wanted to kayak the coast of Greenland? Stay in Mongolian Ger camp? You can create a trip to do just that and bring a group of fellow AMC members with you. Leaders research and plan their own trips and submit a trip proposal to the AMC adventure Travel committee for review and approval.

Learn from Our Experience

As a co-leader you will have the opportunity to work closely with someone who has led AMC Adventure Travel trips before, a required and invaluable experience, before leading your own trips. The community of Leaders offers a wealth of travel experience. We have offered trips all around the world for 40+ years. Leading trips will allow you to share your passion and knowledge for the outdoors!

Meet New People 

Our small groups provide the perfect opportunity to meet people who share your love of nature and discovery. You just might make some new lifelong friends.


To begin leading AMC Adventure Travel trips, the first step is to become approved as a Co-leader. Each trip is led by an approved Leader and one or two Co-leaders.

Requirements for Becoming a Co-Leader

To become an AT co-leader and sign-up for AT new co-leader training weekend, you must have completed the first 3 requirements below. Commensurate experience will be considered.

Before attending the AT training weekend, you must:

  1. Be an AMC leader at the chapter level for at least ONE year
  2. Have led a minimum of two (2) weekend chapter trips (overnight trips) over past several years.
  3. Provide three references. One of these references must be a written letter of recommendation by a chapter officer, an activity group officer, or a chapter leader with whom you have co-led a trip in the past year.

To become an AT co-leader, you must:

  1. Run one trip surveyed by Adventure Travel programs senior manager that is of a minimum of 3-day/2-night duration.
  2. Complete AMC Adventure Travel training held annually by the Adventure Travel Committee (ATC)
  3. Obtain WFA and CPR certifications prior to first Adventure Travel trip as co-leader

How to Apply to be a Co-Leader

If you are interested in applying to be a co-leader and attend the Adventure Travel training, please first contact the leadership and training co-chair, Sam Jamke You will be asked to complete an application to participate in the program and the training.

Once you have completed the application and have been accepted into the program, we will send you a link to register for the upcoming training.

Become an AMC Adventure Travel Trip Leader

Thank you for your interest in the Adventure Travel Training. Applications are closed and the training class for 2020 is full. Please contact Sam Jamke ( to be put on a notification list for the 2021 training.

To learn more about the requirements to attend the training, please click on the “requirements” tab. Thank you!

Adventure Travel Training Frequently Asked Questions

What are AMC Adventure Travel (AMC-AT) trips?

AMC Adventure Travel (formerly known as Major Excursions) trips are volunteer-led trips that typically take place more than 500 miles from any AMC chapter. There are both domestic and international trips, and the duration of the trips vary from one week to three weeks. Popular AMC Adventure Travel (AMC-AT) trips include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, biking, skiing (alpine and nordic), swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing. These trips are designed to build on the AMC’s mission of recreation, conservation and education.

What are the benefits of becoming a leader with the AMC Adventure Travel Committee (AMC-ATC)?

The benefits of becoming an AMC-AT leader are plentiful. First, the program allows you to build on your current chapter leadership skills and challenges you to create a unique experience for yourself and other AMC members. It allows you to discover new locations with a group of people with similar interests or to revisit some old favorites from a different perspective. The program is designed to subsidize most (or all) of your costs related to the excursion through a careful budgeting process.

What are the requirements to become an AMC-AT leader?

A website for AMC-AT Leaders and the AMC-AT Leader Handbook can be viewed here. See in particular the Introduction and Chapter 1, Leader Qualifications. We find it best if one has met some of the requirements and has had some experience leading AMC groups on weekend trips prior to taking the AMC-AT Leader Training. It is most appropriate to take the AMC-AT Leader Training when you are ready to start planning and organizing AT trips.

How long does it take to become an AMC-AT leader?

If you already have significant chapter leadership experience, the process can take as little as a year. If you are just starting out as a leader, there are a few minimum requirements related to chapter trip leading that need to be fulfilled. AMC Adventure Travel leadership training is required, and since the course is only offered once a year, it is important to do the workshop at an appropriate time. The other requirements can be fulfilled over time.

What if you do not have Chapter leadership experience?

The AMC-AT Leadership training is generally not for people who are new to the AMC since the training takes advantage of chapter leadership training and skills. However, people with comparable leadership training (ADK, Sierra Club, GMC, etc.) are welcome to apply. Please note that you will have to become a local AMC chapter leader before co-leading your first AMC-AT trip.

What do you learn in this leadership training that is different from the Chapter leadership training?

The AMC-AT leadership training focuses much more in-depth on logistics, budgeting and developing skills to deal with group dynamics over a longer time period. It builds on your current leadership skills and knowledge of the AMC, its policies and procedures. Topics covered include travel logistics, budgeting and reporting, application procedures, risk management, screening, marketing and group dynamics. You are expected to arrive Friday night (or Saturday morning) and stay until Sunday mid-afternoon.

When is the next training?

Adventure travel offers a weekend long training workshop annually in November. See upcoming training section for upcoming training dates.

How do you apply for the training?

Click here to register for the AT training. Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by a member of the AMC-AT leadership training team. You may be called for further screening. Once you’ve been accepted into the training you will receive a brief homework assignment, which must be completed before the training commences. Attendance in the course is limited, so please register early!

What if you have questions?

If you have any questions please contact Nancy Holland, AMC Adventure Travel Program Senior Manager, at or 617-391-6587 or Cindy Martell, AMC Adventure Travel Leadership and Training Chair, at

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