5 Ways to Celebrate National Trails Day

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Paula ChampagneFind your own way to celebrate National Trails Day this year!

National Trails Day® is an annual event hosted by the American Hiking Society that encourages support of our nation’s public trails. Taking place on the first Saturday in June, National Trails Day® is made up of public events across the U.S. aimed at advocacy, trail service, and celebrating the footpaths we love.

There are plenty of ways to participate too—whether you get out on a trail, decide to a donate to a trail fun, or explore your local park and commit to picking up trash. Here are just some ways you can commemorate the day.

Register for an event or hike with AMC

Coinciding with National Trails Day, AMC is hosting its annual TrailsFest the weekend of June 4-5, 2022. Volunteer leaders have designated their events as part of TrailsFest—you can find a local event happening in your area or check out AMC’s list of activities. If you can’t make an AMC event, look for other “honorary” days to get outside instead, or plan one on your own with friends or family.

Pledge to Leave No Trace

Even if you can’t get out on the actual day, you can always pledge to Leave No Trace on your next outdoor adventure. Make sure you follow the ‘pack in, pack out’ philosophy and remember to leave the landscape in its most natural state by not moving, removing, or damaging any rocks, plants, trees, and other items native to the area.

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Paula ChampagneVolunteering to help fix up your local trails can make a big impact.

Get Involved

Join a program that promotes the understanding of the environment and trail networks. Sign up to participate in a trail crew or discover a variety of volunteer opportunities. We should be celebrating trails all year round – not just on one specific day!

Pick up Trash

You don’t have to head to the mountains or drive to find a specific trail. Head out in your neighborhood or to the local park with a garbage bag and help clean the area of trash. You’ll be doing your yourself, your neighbors, and the environment a favor.

Donate to a Trail Fund

Pledge your support in another way by advocating for the environment with a donation to a trail fund. Every dollar counts when it comes to protecting our trails and outdoor spaces. Even a simple gift will make a difference. Or give a gift membership to a friend to help support outdoor adventures. You can support AMC or choose another fund of your own.

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