Wyn Wiley/ Pattie Gonia Part 1: The Queen in All of Us

Pattie Gonia

Pattie Gonia is out to save the environment. Through the art of drag—defined by the National Center for Transgender Equality as a type of entertainment where people dress up and perform in highly stylized ways, typically including one gender dressing up as the opposite–Pattie Gonia advocates for LGBTQ rights as well as for the protection of the outdoors (and yes, she does hike in heels). Pattie demonstrates that there is a clear link between social and environmental justice, and that by creating a more inclusive and welcoming space it can inspire others to protect the outdoors.

Out of heels, Wyn Wiley has worked as a photographer, speaker, and teacher, who created Pattie after strutting around a peak in Colorado and evolved her into the outdoor community voice she is today.

In this first of two parts, Wyn/Pattie sits down with Derick and Carly to talk about his upbringing in Nebraska and how his journey led him to becoming one of the most outspoken environmental advocates on social media.

For the full episode, listen to Unlikely Stories Podcast here or on any platform that hosts podcasts.



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