Wyn Wiley/Pattie Gonia Part II: The Queen in All of Us

Pattie Gonia

With an Instagram following of more than 360k, you might have heard of Pattie Gonia. But she is more than just an Instagram influencer posting elaborate photos in five-inch heels and full-blown makeup in the wilderness. This drag queen is building a community for queer people, allies & our planet.

Today we talk with Wyn Wiley, also known as Pattie Gonia, to learn what it means to be an environmentalist drag queen, how a photographer from Nebraska found himself wearing knee-high boots and false lashes in the forest, and what choosing yourself can look like.

In this second of two parts, Derick and Carly talk with Wyn/Pattie about pronouns, the importance of choosing oneself, environmental stewardship, and the most sought out answer to the question: Who does Pattie’s makeup?

For the full episode, listen to Unlikely Stories Podcast here or on any platform that hosts podcasts.


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