How to Keep Feet Warm in Cold Weather

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Moisture drains heat from your feet. Once your feet cool down, it takes a lot of energy to re-warm damp socks and boots. Keep them dry, keep them toasty. Here are some tips to keep feet warm:

  • Block snow from your boot tops with gaiters or snug-fitting pant cuffs.
  • Carry a pair of dry socks to change into.
  • Consider vapor barrier liner socks, a thin non-breathable layer added between a liner sock and thicker outer sock. VBL socks prevent foot moisture from escaping into your boots in the first place and add significant warmth. Plastic bags will even work.
  • Winter campers should bring their boots (or liner boots) into their sleeping bag to avoid frozen morning footwear. Put them in a plastic bag to keep moisture out of the sleeping bag.
  • To keep the chill out during breaks or around camp, stand or rest your feet on a piece of wood, which conducts cold much more slowly than snow, ice, or rocks.
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