Leadership Training Instructors

Our experienced instructors use a blend of teaching styles and tools to engage participants in the learning process. They have years of experience leading groups in the backcountry and all have Wilderness First Aid certification or higher. Our instructors are passionate about the outdoors and they are equally passionate about helping new and current leaders develop their skills, whether they plan to use those skills in the backcountry or the boardroom. Our classroom may be a traditional schoolroom or an area off-trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. No matter where we find ourselves, we welcome the challenge of developing and facilitating an engaging learning workshop for our participants.

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Our Team

Aaron Gorban, Director of Outdoor Leadership Training

Teaching philosophy

Flexible, intentional and experiential are among the words which describe my approach to training. As a facilitator, I work in advance of sessions I teach to anticipate a group’s baseline knowledge, its needs and goals and then strive to craft sessions that engage and empower participants to take an active role in their learning. Once I am actively facilitating, I strive to periodically revisit those goals, and my approach, in an effort to determine if the activities and exercises are effective and, if not, I modify my approach to my approach to better meet the needs of those in attendance.

Jessica Wilson, Leadership Training Manager

Teaching philosophy

Engagement, motivation, and curiosity are three words that structure my training methods. I like to learn as much as possible about my audience in order to create interactive activities that build upon previous experiences. My goal is for my participants to leave my sessions energized by new material, excited to apply the knowledge, and driven to further develop their outdoor leadership skills.

Kristi Hobson Edmonston, Leadership Training Instructor

Teaching philosophy

Innovation, creativity and collaboration are three key words in my teaching. As a trainer, I have the privilege of meeting people with diverse backgrounds and interests. By working with participants, inviting them to share their knowledge and experiences, I strive to create a positive and engaging learning environment. Together, we focus on the skills and techniques needed to effectively lead others in the outdoors.