Be Prepared

Weather in the Northeast is unpredictable and can change very rapidly. Conditions can be cold, wet and windy. Snow, gale force winds and sub-freezing temperatures can occur every month of the year. Being properly equipped for a wide range of weather conditions is essential for you and your group’s safety and enjoyment.

Please bring (or plan to borrow) all required items on the gear list that is sent to you after registration. Keep in mind that you will be carrying your own gear as well as a portion of your group’s gear. It is important to keep your clothing and gear dry for warmth, comfort, and safety. Pack your clothing and gear in plastic trash bags and/or sealable storage bags.

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What to Pack Before You Go

Below is a sample MLS Backpacking Gear List so that you know what to expect.

Your specific program’s required gear list will be sent to you after registration to help you pack.

The (*) indicates items that are available at no cost for your use during the program.

Required Personal Gear

  • Hiking boots*

  • Hiking Socks

  • Camp Shoes

  • Hiking Shorts

  • Synthetic or Wool Long Underwear Bottoms *

  • Wool or Fleece Insulating Pants *

  • Waterproof Pants *

  • Synthetic or Wool Long Underwear Top *

  • Synthetic T-Shirts

  • Wool or Fleece Pullover or Jacket *

  • Waterproof Jacket with Hood *

  • Warm Hat *

  • Gloves/Mittens *

  • Sun Hat

  • Backpack: 4000-5000 cubic inch capacity *

  • Pack Cover or Pack Liner

  • Sleeping Pad *

  • Hydration System: 3 L capacity

  • Eating System: cup, bowl, utensil

  • Your Personal Lunch and Trail Snacks

  • Compass

  • Head lamp

  • Watch with Alarm

  • Spare stuff sacks

MLS Group Gear

  • 3 or 4 person Tents

  • Kitchen Tarp/Shelter

  • Bear Proofing System

  • Cooking Gear (Pot, Utensils, Pot Scrubbers, etc)

  • Stoves and fuel

  • First Aid Kit

  • Trowel & Hand Sanitizer

  • Water Carrier

  • Water purification system

  • Group Breakfast and Dinner food