submitting Backcountry Listings

Backcountry is the section of AMC Outdoors magazine devoted to AMC-specific listings in the following categories: Guided Adventures, Volunteer Opportunities, Adventure Travel, and Chapter-based Local Outdoor Activities, as well as information on AMC destinations.

Word Counts

The following limits on activity-description word counts for magazine publication went into effect on February 15, 2009, and apply to all trips submitted to the Backcountry section of AMC Outdoors:

  • Advance Notice (deposit required): 60 words

  • UPDATE: Show and Go (no registration): 40 words

  • UPDATE: Instructional Programs: 60 words

  • UPDATE: Registration Required, No Deposit: 20 words

Deadlines for 2016 issues of AMC Outdoors


Submission Deadline

January/FebruaryNovember 15, 2013
March/AprilJanuary 15, 2014
May/JuneMarch 15, 2014
July/AugustMay 15, 2014
September/OctoberJuly 15, 2014
November/DecemberSeptember 15, 2014
January/February 2017November 15, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

How were the word limits determined?

In 2009, AMC considered the need of advanced notice and instructional trips to provide more information in their listings. We also looked at the mix of trip types submitted each issue and average actual word count length. We reached a compromise reviewed with regional directors and chapter leadership.

What is AMC doing to save pages and paper in AMC Outdoors?

Along with reducing the number of print issues each year from 10 to 6 as of 2009, we have reduced the length of listings for staff-managed activities, reduced the number of pages of house ads, capped the total number of magazine pages per issue at 64, and reduced and combined some magazine departments. In 2017, we will introduce a digital version of the magazine to which subscribers can opt-in, further saving paper and ink.

How else does AMC promote chapter activities?

In addition to Backcountry, AMC has increased our investment in online promotion of chapter programs through efforts including:

  • Continued promotion of online trip listings at of the top three most visited areas on AMC’s website-and on the homepage.

  • Highlighting chapter activities in monthly e-newsletters. Sign up for newsletters in the AMC Member Center.

  • Developing best practices for promotion through social networking sites.