Mountain Skills Manual

From time to time, information covered in our books may change in the field. For example, a trail may be relocated. Since a new edition of the book may not be immediately available, this page will offer updates as they are identified. Bookmark this page and check here often, especially before heading out on a trip.

If you find that a route described in one of our guides has changed or a description contains an error, please email

Updates to Mountain Skills Manual

Page 62: Missing text in paragraph beginning “They boil water very rapidly…” the full text should read: “They boil water very rapidly and simmer well, too, so they are versatile enough to cook complex meals for groups of two to ten. The fuel itself is readily available in nearly any town in North America. And the fuel is one-fifth the cost of canister fuel (see “Stove Economics,” page 61). Finally, since liquid-fuel bottles are refillable and durable, there’s no concern about generating metallic waste that must be recycled or disposed of in a landfill.”

Page 247: “On stationary water bodies, 8 inches of clear, blue, nonfractured ice is safe for foot travel.” The correct thickness for moving loads is 4 inches.“On stationary water bodies, 4 inches of clear, blue, nonfractured ice is safe for static activities, such as camping.” The correct thickness for stationary loads is 8 inches.