AMC’s White Mountain Guide, 30th Edition

From time to time, information covered in our books may change in the field; for example, a trail may be relocated. Because a new edition of the book may not be immediately available, this page shares changes as they are identified. Bookmark this page and check here often, especially before heading out on a trip.

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Updates to White Mountain Guide, 30th Edition

Page 187, Frankenstein Cliff Trail

Please exercise additional caution during warm spells in winter and throughout spring, as dangerous falling blocks of ice have been reported.

Page 60, Rocky Branch Trail

Due to storm damage, the northern section of Rocky Branch Rd. (FR 27) has been closed indefinitely by the WMNF. The road is gated at 2.5 mi. from US 302. To reach the southern end of Rocky Branch Trail, hikers must park by this gate and walk 1.6 mi. up the closed section of the road. The bridge over the Rocky Branch at the southern end of the trail is severely damaged and difficult to access. Fording the Rocky Branch (very difficult and possibly dangerous in high water) may be required.

Page 45, Edmands Path

In 2019, Mt. Clinton Rd. was closed between the Edmands Path trailhead and the Cog Railway Base Rd. The Edmands Path trailhead can only be accessed via Mt. Clinton Rd. from US 302 just north of the AMC Highland Center.

Page 51, Dry River Trail

An October 2017 storm caused additional major washouts on the lower part of the Dry River Trail. The trail may be very difficult to follow in places.

Page 105, Daniel Webster Scout Trail

Daniel Webster–Scout Trail begins on the main campground road 0.8 mi. south of the campground entrance, which is off Pinkham B Rd (Dolly Copp Rd.), 0.4 mi. west of NH 16. Adequate parking available on the left 0.1 mi. beyond the trailhead.

Page 163, Falling Waters Trail

Page 164, Old Bridle Path

Page 253, Lonesome Lake Trail

The Lafayette Place parking lots fill up early on fine summer and fall weekend days, and later-arriving hikers will need to take a state park shuttle (fee; $5 per person) from the Peabody Slopes parking area at Cannon Mountain Ski Area, located on the north side of NH 18, 0.5 mi. west of Exit 34C off I-93 (Franconia Notch Parkway). The shuttle operates from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, Saturdays and Sundays only, from Memorial Day through the weekend after Columbus Day. Hiking groups may drop off passengers and gear at the Lafayette Place trailhead, from where the driver can proceed to the Cannon parking area and take the shuttle back to Lafayette Place. Hikers are strongly urged not to miss the last northbound shuttle at 8:00 PM. Parking along the shoulder of I-93 (Franconia Notch Parkway) is now strictly prohibited and this policy will be enforced by police. If the Lafayette Place lots are full on days when the shuttle is not running, hikers will need to seek an alternate hike from another trailhead.

Page 179, Around the Lake Trail and Red Bench Trail

In May 2019 the west side of Around the Lake Trail was closed due to a mudslide. Repairs and a possible relocation are planned.

Page 181, A–Z Trail

“A–Z Trail diverges right from Avalon Trail and soon descends to cross a deep, steep-walled gully, then climbs steadily, angling up along the side of the brook valley that has its head at the Field–Tom col.” In 2018 the AMC Trail Crew relocated the trail around the head of the deep, steep-walled gully, eliminating a steep down-and-up crossing of the gully.

Page 249, Kinsman Ridge Trail

At 0.4 mi., the grade relaxes, and the trail soon crosses a swampy sag on log bridges. At 0.6 mi. it reaches a jct. on the right where a spur path (the upper part of the former Dilly Trail) diverges right and descends 0.15 mi. and 150 ft. to an open ledge in a burned area with a wide view southeast. (Below here, the Dilly Trail has been permanently closed).

Page 286, Moosilauke Carriage Road

“Follow the road (paved for 0.5 mi., then gravel) for 1.5 mi. to a left-branching overgrown driveway to the former inn, where parking is available across from a Forest Protection Area sign. In 2016, the road was drivable to this point, though rough near the end; at times in the past it has not been maintained this far, making it necessary to park on the shoulder lower on the road. Beyond the sign, the road becomes rougher, but you may be able to drive another 0.1 mi. and park to the left just before the trail sign, where mileages begin.” The upper part of Breezy Point Rd. has been washed out and is no longer passable by vehicle. Hikers must now park on the shoulder about 1.2 mi. from NH 118 and walk 0.4 mi. up the road to the trailhead sign.

Page 293, Chippewa Trail

Chippewa Trail turns right onto the logging road at the T intersection and follows it for 60 yd. Then, just 5 yds. after passing a steep, newer logging road diverging left, it turns left onto an older road (look for a yellow blaze on a tree) and begins the ascent of the mountain. The trail climbs easily, crossing another road, and passes a sign for the SPNHF Kingsbury-Chippewa Trail Forest, where there has been recent logging.

Page 312, Mt. Cube Section

“The trailhead is on Baker Rd., a gravel road that runs south from NH 25A 8.3 mi. west of NH 25 in Wentworth and 7.1 mi. east of NH 10 in Orford.” Baker Rd. runs south from NH 25A 6.1 mi. east of NH 10 in Orford.

Page 312, Sunday Mountain Section

“Parking (sign and kiosk) for the eastern trailhead is on the right (east) side of Dame Hill Rd., a short distance from its eastern jct. with NH 25A; this is 5.7 mi. east of NH 10 in Orford and 9.7 mi. west of NH 25 in Wentworth.” Dame Hill Rd. is 4.7 mi. east of NH 10 in Orford.

Page 342, East Pond Trail

“From here, it steadily on old logging roads, crossing Cheney Brook at 3.1 mi. and Pine Brook at 4.2 mi….” From here, the trail descends steadily…

Page 437, Shelburne Trail

Due to damage from an October 2017 storm, the former crossing of the Wild River is no longer accessible on the east side of the river. If approaching from the Wild River Rd. end of Shelburne Trail, a path diverges right at the former crossing and leads 0.1 mi. north to the new crossing. From here it crosses the river diagonally to the southwest to rejoin the trail on the west bank. This crossing is difficult at moderate water levels and dangerous in high water.

Page 443, Moriah Brook Trail

The very difficult and potentially dangerous crossing of the Wild River is accessed via a path that diverges right from the former bridge location and in 40 yd. drops down a steep bank to the river.

Page 491, Stone House Trail

The main trail soon enters the WMNF. Shortly after swinging left at 1.2 mi., the trail bears right onto a new relocation that traverses out to the north, then turns southwest and makes a meandering climb to rejoin the original route at 1.5 mi. The trail then climbs northwest to the top of the ridge, where the trail ends at Blueberry Ridge Trail only a few steps from the top of Blueberry Mtn. Note: The relocation adds about 0.2 mi. to the length of Stone House Trail, and also adds about 0.2 mi. to the Suggested Hike over Blueberry Mtn. on p. 476.

Page 514, Success Trail

The side road leading to the trailhead has been closed due to a washed-out culvert. Limited parking is available at the junction of the side road with Success Pond Rd. with new signage to reflect this change.

Page 534, White Trail

The Shelburne Trails Club has opened a new loop extension, 0.4 mi. long, from the northwest summit of Crow’s Nest to the southeast summit. The club plans to create three new view openings on the loop.

Pages 23–25

Beginning on Monday, July 2, 2018, sections of the Tuckerman Ravine Trail will be closed due to two bridges being replaced. This closure will likely continue past Columbus Day. The detour will be on the Sherburne Ski Trail. Please see the official order from the Forest Service and a map of the closure area and detour for more information. Notice: Detour Map:

Pages 203–204, Thoreau Falls Trail, MAP 2: H6–G7 (5/24/18)

The U.S. Forest Service has closed the bridge on the Thoreau Falls Trail over the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River in the Pemigewasset Wilderness. The posted signs say: “This bridge is not safe and is out of service. Do not plan to use the Thoreau Falls bridge as it has been partially decommissioned to prevent use in its current condition. Hikers should use good judgement and should have contingency plans in case fording the river at this location is not possible. For questions please contact the Pemigewasset Ranger District at (603) 536-6100.”

Page 219: Hancock Notch Trail

“This trail begins at the Kancamagus Highway at the hairpin turn, 4.7 mi. east of the Lincoln Woods Parking area…” The trail is 5.7 mi. east of the Lincoln Woods Parking area.

Page 264

The Dilly Trail is now permanently closed due to damage sustained in a forest fire. The upper 0.1 mile of the trail will remain open as a spur from the Kinsman Ridge Trail to a viewpoint looking over Lost River.