Best Hiking and Paddling Near Gorman Chairback – Staff Favorites

Here are some recommendations from our Maine Wilderness Lodge staff:

Hike Henderson Brook Trail [moderate 1 ½ – 2 ½ hours]* This 1.6 mile trail winds along the edges of beautiful Henderson Brook and the surrounding gorge walls. The ledges and rocks in the brook are coated in layers of dark green moss that give the many small waterfalls and pools a life unto themselves.   

Hike Third Mountain Trail [moderate to strenuous, 3 – 5 hours]* Hike the Third Mountain Trail for 2.1 miles to the intersection of the AT. There you may decide to head south to Fourth Mountain or take the trail 0.7 north to Third Mountain or West Chairback Pond.  

Day Trips on the Appalachian Trail [moderate to strenuous, 3 hours – all day]* The Appalachian Trail affords many mountain peaks some with area vistas. Chairback Mtn, Columbus Mtn, Third Mtn and Fourth Mtn all lay within a days hike from our front door.  

Hike Gulf Hagas [moderate to strenuous, 5 – 8 hours]* Gulf Hagas is a series of beautiful waterfalls situated in a deep gorge. The “Gulf” as it is referred to by the locals, affords the hiker with many opportunities for viewing waterfalls in all seasons and swimming in the warmer months. Depending on trail choice this 7 to11 mile round trip is an all-day commitment and hikers should be prepared with plenty of food and water.

Visit the Hermitage The Hermitage, a majestic stand of old growth white pine, was added to the National Landmark registry in 1968. The Hermitage is now a part of the Appalachian Trail corridor owned by the National Park Service. Drive 6.7 miles to the southern Gulf Hagas parking lot. The trail to the Hermitage leaves from here.

Paddle Long Pond Enjoy paddling on Long Pond. Over three miles long, it is one of the AMC’s largest bodies of water. Long Pond is a wonderful place to see moose, loons and a myriad of other wildlife.    

Canoe Remote Ponds Take a short hike into one of our remote ponds and enjoy a peaceful paddle. Canoes are waiting at each pond for use by guests. These are great places to spot moose, waterfowl, beavers and other wildlife. Ask the lodge manager for lock combination. Bring a life jacket and paddle.

*Hiking times are general estimates. Actual times depend on the persons/groups abilities and speed.

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