AMC White Mountain Guide Online Frequently Asked Questions


AMC has my email address and password. I entered this information, why can’t I access the WMGOnline?

Even if you have given AMC your email address and created a password in the past to subscribe to an e-newsletter or register for our online store, you still need to register separately for WMGOnline. Members are not automatically registered. Look for the “Register” link in the upper left hand corner of the login screen.

I entered my Member ID during registration, and received an error “No matching membership record.” What should I do?

During registration, we match your member ID to your mailing address. If your membership has recently expired, or if you have moved and not notified AMC, WMGOnline will not find a match. We update our database of member information every 24 hours. If you need to renew your membership or change your address, visit or send email to

I registered, but never received my activation email. What should I do?

Your activation email was probably filtered out by your spam blocker. Please configure your spam blocker or “white list” to accept emails from If you cannot find the original message amid your blocked messages, you can request a new activation email be sent to you.

I want to upgrade to a full subscription, or upgrade a trial account. I went to register but received the following message: “Email already associated with an account.” What should I do?

An email address can only be used with one type of account. To upgrade your account, simply log in to your account and click on the “upgrade” link you see on the first screen. There is no need to reenter your registration information.

The map does not appear, appears blank, or I am asked to log back in multiple times. What should I do?

Please make sure your computer meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x, and Mozilla Firefox. Using the application on unsupported browsers will cause display errors. You must have an active internet connection to access the application.

  • Your web browser must support cookies and these cookies must be enabled to keep track of your login status. If you do not know how to enable cookies, please use this reference from Google:

  • White Mountain Guide Online requires that you enable JavaScript in your browser. If you do not know how to enable JavaScript, please use this reference from Google:

  • Because the map application and trip reports open in separate windows, you may need to enable pop-ups on your browser. You should be able to do this in your browser’s Preferences menu.

  • To view and print the custom trip itinerary PDF created by White Mountain Guide Online, Adobe Reader (or other PDF-viewing application) is required. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader, please see:

  • To view trails in Google Earth, you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer. You can download a copy at

Route Building Feature

I am using the drop down menus on the Custom Route tab to build my route. I select a starting point, but then can’t find the next peak or feature I want to go to in the drop down menus. How do I continue building my route?

There are a few options for expanding the list of things to navigate to:

  • Your search will always be limited to the area you select in the “within this area” dropdown menu. Select another geographic area or “White Mountain Region” for the entire WMNF area.

  • You can also select your next navigation point by using the “Select Custom Route” tool in the toolbar, and using the pan tool to move around the map. Once you locate your next objective, you can select the “Select Custom Route” tool and click on the additional trail segments you wish to add to your route.

Note that WMGOnline checks to see that your previous or start point and next point are connected by the trail network – this prevents you from accidentally selecting objectives not connected by trails. It also will not connect different trails that are separated by roads.

Certain features, like the Highland Center or Joe Dodge Lodge, cannot be used as starting points for route building. Why?

Trails generally begin at trailheads, which may be separated from a lodge by a parking lot or field. You can use the Find tab to locate any lodge. To begin building a route, select the closest nearby trailhead.

If I have other questions, who should I contact?

We are providing support through the following account only: Please do not call AMC. Using this account allows us to monitor and track incoming requests.

I found an error in a trail or feature description.

Please contact and we will correct the error promptly.