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Join us in protecting the mountains, forests, waters, and trails of the Northeast through hands-on stewardship, scientific research, and public policy advocacy. We advocate for land and waterway protection, monitor air quality, research climate change, and work to protect alpine and forest ecosystems through the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions.

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connect people to Conservation

Outdoor experiences lie at the core of AMC’s conservation advocacy and action. We know that people who make the connection between the places they love and the public funding and actions that protected and created that place are more likely to take action and communicate with their elected leaders about these values.

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Lead a Trip for Conservation!

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), a bipartisan federal funding program for protecting our nation’s parks, trails and open spaces, was reauthorized in March of 2019, but the program is only receiving about half of the funding that it was intended to receive. If you love places like, Sterling Forest in the New York Highlands, White Cap Mountain in Maine, or the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, this fund has helped you! AMC is calling on our elected officials to provide full and dedicated funding to unleash the true promise of this critically important conservation and recreation program.

Call to Action:

  1. Schedule an activity to an LWCF protected place.
  2. Share announcements of your trip and photographs on social media using the hashtags #FundLWCF.
  3. Encourage participants to send a customized letter to their Members of Congress about the LWCF funded place that they visited.


Help AMC tell the story of how we have worked in partnership with others to protect over 2 million acres of land in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic, and how important it is today fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund

learning and action

AMC members have an appetite for learning and fun. Help them become better informed voters and activists by organizing conservation themed presentations, volunteer opportunities, and trainings.

You can help

  • Schedule a series of events along a conservation theme like climate change, energy infrastructure development, sustainable forestry, energy conservation, etc.

  • Support organized events around Earth Day, National Trails day, National Public Lands Day, etc. by coordinating activities, events, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Organize a local training such as Leave No Trace or a focus on energy conservation.

  • Talk to the conservation chair in your volunteer club unit, or contact Director of Volunteer Relations.

Use your voice

AMC believes in strong communication with our elected leaders about the importance of protecting recreational and ecological resources in our region.

You can help

Communicate – Volunteers can help keep their local community of AMC members and non members up to date on our work to protect access to and public funding for recreational opportunities and ecological protection. Sign up for the Conservation Action Network (CAN) and share that information with your networks. Volunteer to create and share newsletter articles for chapter newsletters, web content, and follow up reporting on conservation activities, volunteering and events. Teach people about energy conservation and Leave No Trace. Contact the conservation chair in your volunteer club unit for more information or contact AMC’s Director of Volunteer Relations.

Represent – We need volunteers to help spread the word about this important work so that people can become active participants. Volunteer to visit your elected leaders, attend public meetings on behalf of AMC, represent AMC on local committees or councils. We will provide the training, information and guidance you need. Contact AMC’s Director of Volunteer Relations for more information.

Participating in Marches and Rallies: A Guide for AMC Volunteers – This document provides guidance for when it is appropriate for AMC Leaders to organize an AMC event to attend an issue-based march, rally, or demonstration. Any such activity must align with our mission and conservation priorities. It must demonstrate our values as an outdoors organization with conservation policies grounded in science. You and your participants are ambassadors for AMC and all we stand for, and this guidance is intended to help you represent AMC accordingly. Please read!

volunteer in support of amc’s research

AMC’s conservation work is based on a solid foundation of scientific research. We depend on volunteers to spread the word about our research and encourage greater conservation action.

You can help

Flower Watch – participate in our flower watch program by leading springtime hikes in search of ‘indicator’ flowers – flowers whose budding, flowering, and fruiting help us monitor the impacts of climate change in our region.

Invite a Scientist – we need volunteers to organize local learning opportunities for people so that they better understand the complexities of questions like where are the best places to site wind turbines in a region with limited in-tact forest? Or isn’t hydro power green power? What is climate change?

Help us by inviting an AMC scientist, or one of our colleagues, to explain their research and enrich the understanding of how science informs conservation policy. Contact AMC’s Director of Volunteer Relations if you would like to organize these events.

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