How to Apply

The Appalachian Mountain Club is pleased to offer a number of volunteer opportunities at many of our front and backcountry huts &lodges in the Northeast. Our goal is to enhance the public’s experience by offering the extra attention volunteers can provide at AMC’s busiest destinations. Information Volunteers serve by answering questions about trails, trip planning, safety, outdoor gear, and weather; orienting overnight guests and day visitors to AMC facilities;and promoting the AMC mission and membership.Volunteer Naturalists serve by leading interpretive walks and hikes;and giving presentations about natural and cultural history.

Information Volunteers, Volunteer Naturalists, Alpine Stewards, and Program Volunteers

To receive an application to become an Information Volunteer or Volunteer Naturalist, please contact the Outdoor Program Centers Volunteer Coordinator at

Events Speakers

Apply by contacting Nicky Pizzo.

Volunteer-led Camps & Cabins

Visit the Volunteer-led Camps & Cabins webpage for contact information for each facility.