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Emerging Conservation Leaders

The Emerging Conservation Leader Award was established in 2013 to recognize and encourage an emerging leader who has demonstrated a commitment to conservation.

This award supports the AMC's belief that successful conservation depends on active engagement with the outdoors. Additionally, it demonstrates AMC's commitment to Vision 2020, specifically engaging young leaders in the mission of the organization.

Past Recipients


Benton Schwartz


Morgan LaPointe


Mark Dyer


Nate Eckman


Leeann Reid


Melissa Moody

Nomination Process

Criteria & Nomination Process


In addition to recognition at AMC's Annual Summit, the award recipient will receive $500.


Candidates must have demonstrated their passion for conservation. Additionally, the candidate should have contributed in some significant manner to the environment, helped advance causes in line with AMC's mission, and demonstrated an ongoing commitment to continuing efforts in the field of conservation. This award is designed for emerging leaders under the age of 30.

Nomination Process

Nominations for this award may come from any source and must be submitted by November 15, 2016. Annual announcements about the nomination process will be dispersed through AMC communications and circulated in volunteer and staff networks. All volunteers and staff are invited to make nominations by filling out the nomination form or by mailing it to Nominations, c/o Director of Volunteer Relations, Appalachian Mountain Club, 10 City Square, Boston, MA 02129. Members of the Board of Directors and the award review committee (see below) are not eligible to receive this award during their terms of office. AMC employees are not eligible for this award. The review committee will forward candidates to the Board Executive Committee for their consideration.

Review Committee

Susan Arnold - Vice President of Conservation, Heather Clish - Director of Conservation and Recreation Policy, Steve Ciras -Clubwide Conservation Committee Chair, Chris Shafer-Inter-Chapter Trails Committee Chair, Julia Khorana-Inter-Chapter Paddling Chair, Alex Delucia-Trails Director, Heather Clish - Director of Conservation and Recreation Policy, Faith Salter-Director of Volunteer Relations, Susannah Hatch - Volunteer Relations Coordinator

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