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Joe Dodge Award

The Joe Dodge Award is presented to a member of the AMC community who best exemplifies the type of high quality public service and mountain hospitality that became the hallmark of longtime AMC Huts Manager Joe Dodge’s long and distinguished career at Pinkham Notch.

Beyond his commitment to the AMC, Joe showed dedication to the surrounding community through his work as a weather observer, coordinator of search and rescue, and a founding member of the Mt. Washington Observatory. The award aims to recognize the special ability of Joe Dodge to inspire those working with him: on some occasions it was accomplished by hearty compliment; on others by strongly worded injunction; on still others not by words but by being left alone with the abundantly clear expectation that a mission would be carried out effectively and on time.

This award recognizes the ideals and practices of Joe Dodge and the award recipients, and that its presence may stimulate others to go and do likewise. The Award focuses on actions that relate to AMC activities in the White Mountains – particularly the huts and trails and Pinkham Notch.


Jessica Wilson


Ann Phair


Willy Ashbrook


Rob Burbank


Sally Manikian


Josh Gillenson


Tom Deans


Eric Pedersen


Becky Boothman


Nancy Ritger


Frank Kelliher


Chris Thayer


Dennis McIntosh


Gerry Whiting


L. Stroker Rogevin


Brian Fowler

Nicky Pizzo


Anne & Earle Perkins


Ira & Mary-Agnes Wine

Frank Jost


Fred “Mac” Stott


Tom Bindas

Hank Parker


George T. Hamilton


Liz Haigh


Michael Torrey


Kevin “Hawk” Metheny


Jean-Michel Bernardi

Ray Welch


Preston “Sandy” Saunders


Jennifer “Sparky” Koop


Brad Washburn

Dave Wilson




Rich Crowley

Alice Congdon Evancow

Ray Evans

Dave Hardy

Tom Hutchings


Peter Crane
Dr. Robert Ohler
Don Allen
Doug Hotchkiss
Dawson Winch
John Halporn
Gerry Whiting
Bob Daniels
Bruce Sloat
Bob Story
Jed Davis
Jim Hamilton
Bob & Leah Devine
Guy & Laura Waterman
Ned Therrien
Anne Dodge Middleton
Brooks Dodge II

Criteria & Nomination Process

Awards are presented during the Annual Summit. Plaques will be presented to the recipients.


A nominee may be a current employee, former employee, or volunteer. The essential idea is that the award recognizes the ideals and practices of Joe Dodge and previous award recipients; and the award’s existence might stimulate others to strive for consistent excellence into the future. The traits of friendly public service and inspiration to fellow workers are integral to the award and character of Joseph Brooks Dodge, Huts Manager from 1928-1959. Further, the award should focus on actions that relate to AMC activities in the White Mountains – particularly the huts and trails and Pinkham Notch.

Nomination Process

Annual announcements about the nomination process will be dispersed through AMC communications and distributed electronically to the North Country community. All volunteers and staff are invited to make nominations by submitting the above nomination form by November 15 of each year. Please email James Wrigley, Huts Manager, at with questions. Members of the Board of Directors and the Award Review Committee (see below) are not eligible to receive this award during their terms of office.

Award Review Committee

The Award Review Committee will consist of up to seven members from the following constituencies: three members nominated by the O.H. Association, including at least one representative of the Dodge Family; two members of AMC North Country staff appointed by the President; and two members of AMC North Country volunteer programs (Trail Adopters, Volunteer Naturalists, Information Volunteers) appointed by the Destinations Volunteer Coordinator. One member of the Committee will be designated as chair and contact person for the nomination and review process. Awards are presented during the AMC’s Annual meeting. A plaque will be presented to the recipient(s). Information on the award recipients will be communicated to the newsletter editor of the respective club unit, and announced in appropriate locations.

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