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Marian Pychowska Award

The Stewardship Society Award honors AMC volunteers who carry on the tradition of public service activity and bring new members to join in the effort. The Stewardship Society structure seeks to recognize and encourage AMC’s grassroots public service volunteers to contribute to the protection, enjoyment, and wise use of the public lands. Stewardship Society members typically volunteer on trail work, conservation, or other stewardship projects.

The Marian Pychowska Award recognizes those who have given at least 96 Hours. Marian Pychowska stands out for her diversity. In the 1880’s she helped build trails, created a trail map of the Northern Presidentials, discovered the Pinnacle in Huntington’s Ravine, and may be the first AMCer to look at the impact of recreation. When a shelter was proposed near treeline she wrote “We all fear if the public are invited to it the surroundings will become…” littered.


Tally Sheet


2018 Marian Pychowska Award: 96 – 223 hours

James Bancroft

Joanne Bartlett

John Bergacs, III

Greg Bernet

Charles Blanker

Aidan Boynton-Gormley

Chuck Braxton

George Brown

Rich Cady

Kelly Caruso

Dave Childs

Kathy Claerr

Mary Cloos

Siri Colom

Zachary Cray

Nancy Damboise

Larry Davis

Peter Dittman

Jim Dowling

Maria Earley

Nate Eckman

Keith Enman

Eunice Froeliger

Fred Germain

Emerson Grant

Cathy Green

Al Grimstad

John Grote

Jason Gutu

Joann Healey

Molly Heyman

Julie Higgins

Kristi Hobson-Edmonston

Richie Holstein

John Keenan

Barbara King

Laura Lane

Pete Lane

Lukas Leijon

Mark Levine

Tim Linehan

Jim Lovelett

Lisa Luca

Bill McBunch

Sophia McDermott-Hughes

Margaret Nation

Andrew Papalegis

Jeff Pengel

Bruce Pfendler

Dave Pirog

Pegah Rahmanian

Paul Reder

Marsha Richelli

Hannah Riley

Peter Roderick

Phillip Satterthwaite

Ken Schmitt

Kaylan Scott

Paul Shackford

Chris Shafer

Joanne Sheron

Tom Skoglund

Stephanie Springer

William Stevens

John B. Tifft

Bruce Tow

Gail Waibel

Kumi Wauthier

Bailey Weinhold

Debra Weisenstein

Nancy Weld

Brian Williams

Susan Zoller

Ronald Zorrilla

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