Stewardship Society: Marian Pychowska Award 

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Marian Pychowska Award

The Stewardship Society Award honors AMC volunteers who carry on the tradition of public service activity and bring new members to join in the effort. The Stewardship Society structure seeks to recognize and encourage AMC's grassroots public service volunteers to contribute to the protection, enjoyment, and wise use of the public lands. Stewardship Society members typically volunteer on trail work, conservation, or other stewardship projects.

The Marian Pychowska Award recognizes those who have given at least 96 Hours. Marian Pychowska stands out for her diversity. In the 1880's she helped build trails, created a trail map of the Northern Presidentials, discovered the Pinnacle in Huntington's Ravine, and may be the first AMCer to look at the impact of recreation. When a shelter was proposed near treeline she wrote "We all fear if the public are invited to it the surroundings will become..." littered.


Tally Sheet


2017 Marian Pychowska Award: 96 - 223 hours

Cody Albright

Charlie Arsenault

Jean-Carlos Artiles

Kris Atkinson

Jacob Barnett

Joanne Bartlett

John Bergacs

Charles Blanker

Chuck Braxton

Donna Brigley

Bill Brooke

George Brown

Craig Cassella

Bernadette Cassidy

Cindy Caverly

Josh Ciampa

Kathy Claerr

Jackson Clough

Tim Connor

Bonnie Cramp

Paul Cramp

Garry Crane

Nancy Damboise

Larry Davis

Jack Demeo

Eva Donlan

James Egan

Bernadete Ellegard

Keith Enman

Don Fairbanks

Jackson Ferguson

Sonia Fortin

Eunice Froeliger

Matthew Giguere

Chloe Glass

Emerson Grant

Zachary Gray

Al Grimstad

John Grote

Gillian Hagen

Joe Halus

Sarah Hamby

Molly Heyman

Julie Higgins

Jacob Horwath

Paula Hudson

Tyler Hughes

Adele Johnson

Nate Karol

John Keenan

Elizabeth Kennedy

Bambi King

Terry Knuuttunen

Dave Koerber

Freddi Koss

Pete Lane

Marci Layton

Kevin LeBlanc

Alex Leger

Myles Lehman

JT Lenoch

Quintin Lepold

Timothy Linehan

Adam Lippman

Jim Lovelett

Sarah Mangelli

Sam Maron

Dave McCarthy

Anna McLellan

Jim McLellan

Amanda McNamara

Barbara Monroe

William Moss

John Mullens

Margaret Nation

Megan Nestor

Benjamin Nyklicek

Justin Panek

Julie Perron

Rich Perry

Steve Perry

Paul Plasse

Chris Poole

Chip Pray

Pegah Rahmanian

Paul Reder

Austin Reed

Pete Rentz

Peter Roderick

Nora Sackett

Deneb Scott

William Shaffer

Joanne Sheron

Deborah Shigo

Kim Simpson

Circe Skaife

Tom Skoglund

David Smith

David Snyder

John Stetser

Jackie Stetser

John B. Tifft

Gail Waibel

Richard Wanderman

Silas Ward

Debra Weisenstein

Sophia Weisman-rowell

Ida Weiss

Nancy Weld

Brian Williams

Sarah Wu

Bryan Yeaton

Karen Yeowell

Larry W. Yetter Jr.

Kim Youkstetter

Robert Youle

Lydia Yuhas

Mike Zlogar

Nomination Process

Awards are presented during the Annual Summit. Plaques will be presented to the recipients. Information on the award recipients will be communicated to the newsletter editor of the recipients’ respective Chapters and announced in other appropriate locations.

Nominations for this award may come from any source and must be submitted by November 15, 2016. Annual announcements about the nomination process will be dispersed through AMC communications and circulated in volunteer and staff networks. All volunteers and staff are invited to make nominations by filling out the nomination form or by mailing it to Nominations, c/o Director of Volunteer Relations, Appalachian Mountain Club, 5 Joy St., Boston, MA 02108. Members of the Board of Directors and the award review committee (see below) are not eligible to receive this award during their terms of office. AMC employees are not eligible for this award.

Review Process

Following an initial review, appropriate members of the review committee will seek additional input on the most promising nominees from volunteers and staff familiar with the volunteer’s contributions. The review committee will forward candidates to the Board Executive Committee for their consideration. The President will make all final decisions.

Review Committee

Sharon Foster—Chapters Committee Chair, Rick Silverberg—Outdoor Leadership Development Committee Chair, John Dean—VMF Committee Chair, Chris Shafer—Inter-Chapter Trails Committee Chair, Julia Khorana—Inter-Chapter Paddling Chair, Steve Ciras—Clubwide Conservation Committee Chair, Alex Delucia—Trails Director, Faith Salter—Director of Volunteer Relations

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