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Volunteer Leadership Award

The Volunteer Leadership Award recognizes AMC's outstanding volunteer leaders who demonstrate the desire to share their time and expertise in the pursuit of AMC's recreation, conservation, and education mission.

The Volunteer Leadership Award recognizes one or more dedicated volunteers who, in addition to contributing many hours, demonstrate outstanding passion and commitment and are instrumental to AMC's activities, programs and mission. Previous award recipients are not eligible.

Past Recipients


Cynthia Tollo Falls - New York-North Jersey Chapter and Chapters Committee
Steve Crowe - Worcester Chapter Trails
Deb Shigo - Information & Program Volunteer and Volunteer Naturalist
Michael Zlogar - Berkshire Chapter New England Scenic Trail Committee
Julie LePage - Boston Chapter
Nancy Damboise - Program Volunteer
Beth Zimmer - New Hampshire Chapter
James Greaney - Volunteer Naturalist and Citizen Science
Jeanne Blauner - Boston Chapter Family Outings


Doug Arion, Astronomy Program Leader

John Tifft, Mohawk Hudson Trail Volunteer

Ed Faron, Worcester Chapter Midstate Trail Committee Volunteer

Ron Janowitz, Adventure Travel and New Hampshire Chapter Volunteer


Charlie Arsenault, Worcester Chapter and Chapters Committee

Sharon Bonk, Mohawk Hudson Chapter

Jeff Carlson, Boston Chapter and Chapters Committee

Marcie Madsen, Narragansett Chapter and Information Volunteer

Cindy Martell, Worcester Chapter, Information Volunteer, and Adventure Travel

Peg Nation, Maine Chapter, Naturalist, Information Volunteer, Flower Watch


Bill McBunch, Information Volunteer

Ogden (Denny) Nackoney, Bay Circuit Trail and Boston Chapter Trails Committee

Patrick Fletcher, New England Scenic Trail and Berkshire Chapter Trails Committee

Denise Poyer, Narragansett Chapter

Deb Herlihy, Worcester Chapter


Dave Corbin

Wayne Foote

Sara Hart

John Mullens

Jim & Julie Pelletier

Chris Rapacki


Jeff Aceto

Ledge Clayton

Bill Darcy

Sharon Foster

Chris Shafer


Joan Aichele

John Crist

Scott Monroe

Michael O'Connor

Scott Taylor

Jack Schempp/p>


George Brown

Larry & Ginger Ely

Joan & Art Gulovsen

Allen Male

Jim Scheef


Bernie Hickey

Leo Kelly

Tim Kennedy

Trish Niece

Ed Poyer

Rick Tjader


Sam (Ruth) Jamke

Mike Barry

Steve Ridgley

Jack Trickey

T. Walley Williams


Barbara Dyer

Julia Khorana

Daryl Borst

Pete Mason

Henry Schreiber


Peter & Janet Roderick

Paul & Mary Ann Ray

Cosmo Catalano


Gary Forish


Eric Stones Jeff Hogan

Nomination Process

Criteria & Nomination Process

Awards are presented during the Annual Summit. Plaques will be presented to the recipients. Information on the award recipients will be communicated to the newsletter editor of the recipients' respective Chapters and announced in other appropriate locations.


This award is for current AMC members with at least five years of active service who have made significant contributions to volunteer leadership within their club units. The recipients will have furthered the recreation, conservation, and education mission of the AMC in some way. Particular emphasis will be given to those volunteers whose initiatives advance one or more of the following within the AMC: diversity, effective communication, volunteer involvement, membership recruitment or retention, facilities, risk management and safety, leadership training, conservation, education and/or the strategic plan of the AMC (currently Vision 2020).

Nomination Process

Nominations for this award may come from any source and must be submitted by November 15, 2016. Annual announcements about the nomination process will be dispersed through AMC communications and circulated in volunteer and staff networks. All volunteers and staff are invited to make nominations by filling out the nomination form or by mailing it to Nominations, c/o Director of Volunteer Relations, Appalachian Mountain Club, 10 City Square, Boston, MA 02129. Members of the Board of Directors and the award review committee (see below) are not eligible to receive this award during their terms of office. AMC employees are not eligible for this award.Review Process: Following an initial review, appropriate members of the review committee will seek additional input on the most promising nominees from volunteers and staff familiar with the volunteer's contributions. The review committee will forward candidates to the Board Executive Committee for their consideration. The President will make all final decisions.

Review Committee

Sharon Foster-Chapters Committee Chair, Rick Silverberg-Outdoor Leadership Development Committee Chair, John Dean-VMF Committee Chair, Chris Shafer-Inter-Chapter Trails Committee Chair, Julia Khorana-Inter-Chapter Paddling Chair, Steve Ciras-Clubwide Conservation Committee Chair, Alex Delucia-Trails Director, Faith Salter-Director of Volunteer Relations

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