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Warren Hart Award

The Stewardship Society Award honors AMC volunteers who carry on the tradition of public service activity and bring new members to join in the effort. The Stewardship Society structure seeks to recognize and encourage AMC's grassroots public service volunteers to contribute to the protection, enjoyment, and wise use of the public lands. Stewardship Society members typically volunteer on trail work, conservation, or other stewardship projects.

The Warren Hart Award recognizes those who have given at least 224 Hours. Warren Hart, AMC Councillor of Improvements (Trails) from 1908-1910 was a stellar example of this spirit of volunteerism for trails. He spent 28 days in 1908 creating trails in the Great Gulf Wilderness. Hart, by his personal example, inspired other members to join in the effort. By 1910 Hart lead "working sections" of 40 people in summer trail building expeditions.


Tally Sheet


2017 Warren Hart Award - 224+ hours

William Barrett

Dave Boone

Ray Bracone

Mike Carrafiello

Cosmo Catalano

Siri Colom

Stephen Crowe

Walt Daniels

Barbara Dyer

Henry Edmonds

Ed Faron

Robert Fuller

Joshua Gillenson

James Greaney

Tom Heisler

Julie Higgins

Kristi Hobson-Edmonston

Phil LaBell

Laura Lane

Aaron Lawrence

Jim Liptack

Cindy Martell

Scott Monroe

Michael O'Connor

Jim Pelletier

Dave Pirog

Steve Smith

Stephanie Springer

Russ Waldie

Chip Ward

Mike Williams

Nomination Process

Awards are presented during the Annual Summit. Plaques will be presented to the recipients. Information on the award recipients will be communicated to the newsletter editor of the recipients’ respective Chapters and announced in other appropriate locations.

Nominations for this award may come from any source and must be submitted by November 15, 2016. Annual announcements about the nomination process will be dispersed through AMC communications and circulated in volunteer and staff networks. All volunteers and staff are invited to make nominations by filling out the nomination form or by mailing it to Nominations, c/o Director of Volunteer Relations, Appalachian Mountain Club, 5 Joy St., Boston, MA 02108. Members of the Board of Directors and the award review committee (see below) are not eligible to receive this award during their terms of office. AMC employees are not eligible for this award.

Review Process

Following an initial review, appropriate members of the review committee will seek additional input on the most promising nominees from volunteers and staff familiar with the volunteer’s contributions. The review committee will forward candidates to the Board Executive Committee for their consideration. The President will make all final decisions.

Review Committee

Sharon Foster—Chapters Committee Chair, Rick Silverberg—Outdoor Leadership Development Committee Chair, John Dean—VMF Committee Chair, Chris Shafer—Inter-Chapter Trails Committee Chair, Julia Khorana—Inter-Chapter Paddling Chair, Steve Ciras—Clubwide Conservation Committee Chair, Alex Delucia—Trails Director, Faith Salter—Director of Volunteer Relations

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