Volunteer Leader Information and Awards

COVID-19 Warning and Liability Waiver

Volunteer Release Agreement

This is the release agreement for volunteer-led activities – to be printed out, read, signed, and returned to AMC.

Release Agreement for AMC’s Volunteer-led Camps & Cabins

This similar release applies to guests of AMC’s Volunteer-led Camps & Cabins (VCCs).

Release Agreement for AMC’s Adventure Travel

This release agreement is for participants of AMC’s Adventure Travel.

AMC Photo Release Form

AMC Photo Release Form – For Groups

AMC Incident Report

Use this form to report any incidents arising during an AMC-led trip.

Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer Agreement

Adopt-a-Trail Work Report

Adopt-a-Trail Region Leader Report

Adopt-a-Trail Region Condition Report

White Mountain National Forest Summary of Use Report

AMC Crisis Communication Chart

AMC Volunteer Leaders should use this chart in cases involving potentially life threatening or disabling injuries or in the case of a fatality in order to enable staff to provide post-incident support.

AMC Bylaws

AMC Code of Conduct – Revised 2018

AMC Leadership Requirements & Guidelines

This document outlines guidelines for AMC volunteer trip leaders.

AMC’s Outdoor Leader Handbook

Trail Adopter Handbook

Outdoor Program Center Volunteer Handbook

Use this handbook to learn what it takes to volunteer at Huts and Lodges as an Information Volunteer, Volunteer Naturalist, or Program Volunteer

AMC Chainsaw Policy

Meetup Guidelines for AMC Leaders

SharePoint Intranet for Volunteer Committees

(Credentials Required)

Training Manual for Site Users – click here!

Volunteer Activities Restart Rubric

Volunteer Opportunities