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Custom Trail Crews

Do you already have a group of people looking for a way to volunteer for trails? We can help design a Custom Crew that will meet the expectations of your group. Projects normally last one day to multiple days and can be incorporated into a backpacking trip or other adventure so your group can give back to the very trails they are hiking on. Here are some of the groups we already work with:

  • Camps

  • Church Groups

  • Corporate Groups

  • Land Trusts

  • Local Organizations

  • College Freshman Orientation

  • Trips

  • Friend Groups

  • Schools

At the following locations, AMC has a trails department presence and can accommodate a custom crew. However, if you have a trail that needs work, we can come to you. Depending on the distance from our offices, there may be an extra fee involved:

New Hampshire


Central & Western MA

Delaware Water Gap -PA/NJ

On the day of the service project, Trail crew Leaders will meet your group at the specified trail head or other meeting place. All tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) like helmets, glasses, and gloves will be provided. The leader will spend the first half hour teaching the group about the tools they’ll be using, safety techniques, and a general overview of the day. While we can accommodate half days, it generally works better to set up no less than a six-hour day as it takes time to get to the project sites. Lunches will be eaten on the trail and the day will wrap up in the afternoon.


Groups are responsible for all of their own costs associated with the project; food, shelter, lodging, & transportation. AMC charges affordable fees for staff leadership, tools, safety equipment, and transportation. The custom crew design is a la carte to give you more options and our Programs Office will work with you to find the best price and project itinerary for your group. A full list of associated costs will be provided during the coordination of the project. A 20% non-refundable deposit is due 30 days before the start of your custom crew. The current rates for one Custom Crew Leader, trail work tools, and safety equipment is $250/day for youth groups or $500/day for corporate groups. One Custom Crew Leader can work with a group size up to 12 individuals. More participants will require additional Custom Crew Leaders. If this is not feasible for any reason we can work with you to find an agreeable rate. Corporate groups please consider donating extra to help defray the costs to run these programs so that we may offer more leadership to low-income communities.


Whether in the back country or front country, kids or adults, your group leaders or chaperones, are responsible for the supervision of the group and/or time management. AMC staff is responsible only for the trail project coordination, teaching of trail work skills, and maintaining safety at the project site. For an extra fee, AMC Custom Crew leaders can facilitate evening learning and guide the group through the process of setting up an efficient back country camp, multiple ways of creating a bear hang for food storage, best practices in a backcountry kitchen, various games and much more. Group Leaders and chaperones are responsible for any disciplinary issues that may arise including cognizance of quiet hours and respectfulness of AMC rules.

Contact Us

Please contact the Programs Administrative Supervisor to discuss further details and once the project is finalized, we will send you a packet that contains information to help you be fully prepared for your trails project. The registration packet will also contain forms that each participant must complete and return before the start of the crew. It works best to have them returned to the Group Leader(s) and then submitted to the AMC all at once. Confirmation of your project will be emailed upon receipt of all paperwork.

Trails Volunteer Programs Registrar
Appalachian Mountain Club
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PO Box 298, Gorham, NH 03581
Phone: 603-466-8156
Fax: 603-466-2822