What our Supporters are saying

“In addition to the widely known benefits of physical activity, research studies have found that exposure to natural environments also improves physical and emotional health,”

Christina Scirica, MD, MPH, at MassGeneral Hospital for Children

“I’m a single parent to an active nearly 4-year old boy and I want to raise him in a healthy outdoors-focused way!”

Anne, Outdoors Rx parent

“Wonderful way to get exercise, fresh air, and connect with my daughter. Also an opportunity to explore more of New England.”

Bashni, Outdoors Rx parent

“AMC’s collaboration with MassGeneral Hospital for Children is a wonderful example of an initiative that should be replicated throughout the country-to reconnect children and their families to the health benefits of spending time in the natural world, and to fight the pandemic of inactivity,”

Richard Louv, co-founder of the Children & Nature Network and bestselling author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder