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“The OLT exceeded my expectations. I learned knots, tent/stove setup, bear bag hanging, LNT, water pumps, stream crossing, nutrition planning, safety, and countless other skills. The skills are extremely useful, but the practical, real (sometimes too real!) experience was profound and transformative.”

OLT Backpacking Participant, August 2015

“Our youth come from diverse urban backgrounds – most have little experience outdoors, and have never gone camping, canoeing, or even hiking in a natural setting. The training provided by YOP for staff, the additional support, and the availability of equipment has been essential in enabling our young people to have these experiences – which have been truly awesome. I particularly enjoy watching our youth, who come from very challenging and stressful personal situations, let go of their worries and frustrations, and enjoy running through the woodland paths, wind blowing through their hair like the kid that they left behind so many years ago. It’s just what they need.”

United Teen Equality Center, Lowell, MA

“We believe that outdoor experiences are a powerful tool for our teens to build self-confidence and leadership. Through working with YOP, we have been able to increase our staff and youth’s comfort and confidence in the outdoors, access critical resources, and develop partnerships with other local YOP members.”

YouthGROW, Worcester, MA

“YOP is such an amazing and unique opportunity to learn from other educators and staff who are passionate about youth work. I love that they empower educators to empower youth! I left this training with so many new ideas and fully inspired and revitalized to work with youth.”

OLT Backpacking Participant, June 2015