Appalachian Mountain Club Library & Archives

Location and Contact Information

Appalachian Mountain Club Library & Archives
AMC Highland Center at Crawford Notch
Route 302
Bretton Woods, NH 03575
Phone: 603-278-3814

The AMC Library & Archives have been an integral part of the AMC since 1876, the Club’s founding year. They anchor a remarkable landscape in which the past lies alongside the present and future of AMC and the Northeast outdoors. They hold over 140 years of written and visual history of America’s oldest environmental conservation and outdoor recreation nonprofit.

The AMC Library & Archives are located in the heart of the White Mountains at the AMC Highland Center at Crawford Notch. They provide a place for all to delve into historical research on topics related to AMC’s history. They are open to the public by appointment.

Questions and appointment requests can be sent to, or you can reach the Archives at (603) 278-3814. To make a detailed search of our books, papers and digital image collections, visit our Online Library Catalog. Enter Appalachian Mountain Club under Library Name; no password is needed.

Hours of Operation Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

What is the AMC Library & Archives

Our Library & Archives consist of two main parts: a Library of published materials such as books and periodicals, and an Archive of unpublished, one-of-a-kind diaries and journals, films, logbooks, manuscripts, maps, memorabilia, organizational records, photographs, scrapbooks other rare documents. The Library & Archives collect, preserve, and provide access to sources that document the history of the AMC and the Northeast outdoors. We encourage and promote the use of these materials for teaching, learning, research and public service. The AMC Library & Archives are open to the public for research by appointment, with an Archivist on hand to assist with reference queries onsite and remotely.

Our Library of over 2,000 titles pertains to conservation, mountain travel, natural history, and outdoor recreation from the 19th through the 21st centuries. It provides a rich overview of outdoors-related literature and showcases materials collected by the organization from its earliest days. Additionally, the Library acts as an archive of books published by AMC. As a research library, materials do no circulate, but users may visit and have full access to the collections.

The Archives consist of architectural plans, artifacts, artworks, corporate records, diaries and journals, ephemera, films, herbaria, manuscripts, maps, memorabilia, personal papers, photographs, pamphlets, scrapbooks, and summit registers. Logbooks that are no longer sound enough to reside in AMC’s historic White Mountain Huts can be found here, recording the thoughts and feelings of mountain travelers from decades past. The Archives are particularly rich in visual images, with well over 20,000 images covering the 1870’s to the present. We hold an extensive collection of lantern slides documenting the AMC’s early history, and hundreds of postcards and stereograph cards with views of the mountains of the Northeast and the world. The Archives house our corporate records, made up of the annual reports, meeting minutes, and documentation produced by our many boards, chapters, committees, departments, offices and programs.

The Library & Archives are strongly linked to the AMC’s mission. They are a resource for AMC members and staff, as well as scholars, students, and the general public. They help build awareness of AMC through the use of the club’s images and information in a wide range of exhibitions, programs and publications. Internally, the Library & Archives support every department of the organization with historical information on all aspects of the club to help tell our story through AMC’s magazine, journal, website and marketing, interpretive materials and programs.

Much of our collections are cataloged and searchable via our Online Library Catalog. Enter Appalachian Mountain Club under Library Name; no password is needed. A catalog of the entire book collection can be found there, as well as digital images of a portion of the photographic collections, and finding aids for many of our special collections. However, not all of our collections are documented in this catalog, so researchers with specific needs should contact the Archivist.

AMC Library & Archives policies

Using the AMC Library & Archives

The Appalachian Mountain Club Library & Archives welcome researchers to make use of our collections. Researchers may access the AMC’s collections by appointment. Contact the Archivist at or (603) 278-3814 to make an appointment. Food and Lodging are available year-round onsite at the AMC Highland Center Lodge at Crawford Notch.

Researchers will be asked to fill out a registration form before using the Library & Archives. The form will include space to record the scope of the project and potential items to be examined.
The Library & Archives have specific policies meant to protect and preserve our historical materials. These policies should be followed at all times. All materials must be handled with care. The Archivist will help guide you in the proper use and handling of materials. You may be asked to wear cotton gloves for handling especially fragile or sensitive materials. Writing in or on the materials, tracings and rubbings are not permitted. Readers are expected to observe any other conditions regarding use of the materials as stipulated by the Archivist. Mutilation, destruction and/or theft of materials are subject to prosecution.

The Archivist will provide users with necessary research tools including pencils, scrap paper, magnifying glasses, and book supports. Pencils only may be used in the Library & Archives. Ink of any kind is prohibited in order to avoid damage to the materials. Use of computers and non-flash photography is permitted.

Photoduplication service is available when it can be done without injury to the material. Decisions on photocopying or scanning are made by the Archivist. Copies are made for reference use and do not imply permission to publish or copy. The number of copies made at one time may be limited at the discretion of the Archivist. Photo reproduction services are available (see the section below on Images for Publication and Personal Use).

Neither food nor drink is allowed in the Archives. Smoking or open flame are not allowed in or near any structure at the AMC Highland Center.


Books and Periodicals

Due to space constraints, the Library is no longer able to accept book and periodical donations.

Documents, Memorabilia, and Photographs

Donations of documents, memorabilia and photographic works relating directly to the history of the Appalachian Mountain Club are appreciated. Contact the Archivist to discuss your potential donation.
The AMC Library & Archives may acquire materials through donation, bequest, purchase, exchange, or other means by which there is a legal and ethical transfer of title to AMC. The AMC Library & Archives will acquire and accession only those materials that best document and promote the mission of AMC. The Archivist will consider materials for acquisition and accession on the following criteria:

  • Relevancy to and consistency with AMC’s mission, objectives, and activities.
  • Availability of AMC resources, including staff, space, facilities, and funds to provide professional standards of preservation and access.
  • Condition, rarity, historical value, significance to the mission, and similarity to other AMC Library & Archives collection items.
  • Documentation and significance of provenance.
  • Donor or owner willingness to transfer complete and unrestricted ownership and use.
  • Potential for the materials to increase public awareness and support of AMC through research, education and outreach.


There are many ways to volunteer in the AMC Library & Archives. Organizing files, data entry, research, general collections management and preservation tasks are a few of the essential activities for which extra hands are needed! Volunteers are often needed to transcribe handwritten materials and audio recordings; tasks that can be done remotely. Contact the Archivist for details.

Publication and Personal Use of Images

The Appalachian Mountain Club Library & Archives offer two options for obtaining images:

  • Copy Prints: these may be purchased for personal use.
  • Licensing Orders: digital files that may be licensed for publication.

Delivery, use and policy differ for each option. Please read on for details.

Copy Prints may be obtained by contacting the Archivist. You must state your intended use before the order will be processed. Anyone submitting an order must be 18 years of age or older. By submitting an order to the AMC Library & Archives, you agree, on behalf of yourself individually, to the following terms and conditions. Purchase of a copy print does not carry with it the right to publish or to make a reproduction in any format or medium. Only electronic copies are available for publication. If you purchase a copy print, upon receipt of payment in full, you will be entitled to possession of a printed reproduction of the image only. The print copy will be delivered through the U.S. mail in two to four weeks.

Licensing Orders require that you state your intended use prior to completion of your order. Your use of the image is restricted to the purposes specified in a written Licensing Agreement that you will be asked to fill out before proceeding. By submitting an order for use of an image by an organization, you are representing that you are authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the institution. The agreement places legally binding limits on how you may use the image, please read them carefully before submitting an order. If you license an image, upon receipt of a completed Licensing Agreement and payment in full, you will be granted a non-exclusive, one-time license to use the image in a single publication in one medium only, with no other rights. Images are delivered electronically in a format predetermined by the requester. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Copy prints  
8 x 10 inch print$30.00per image
11 x 14 inch print$50.00per image
16 x 20 inch print$70.00per image
Larger custom sizesTBDper image
Licensing Orders
Not-for-Profit Organizations$25.00per image
For-Profit Organizations/Individuals$50.00per image

Images are provided “as is”. The AMC Library & Archives makes no warranties, express or implied, as to any image. The AMC Library & Archives specifically disclaims any and all implied warranties; including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement of third party rights.

  • All sales are final. Neither prints nor digital files may be returned for refund or credit.
  • If your order is defective or damaged please email us at
  • Please contact the AMC Library & Archives if you need additional information about the image you plan to obtain.

* If you are looking to reproduce copyrighted material that appears in an AMC Books publication (for personal or professional use), please contact our Books staff via email at or by mail at AMC Books Editor, 10 City Square, Boston, MA 02129.