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Our guidebooks, maps, and safety and instructional articles have been valuable resources for so many outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to learn more about AMC’s history, plan a bucket list trip, purchase the latest White Mountain Guide, or peruse the stories in our digital magazine, you’ll be certain to find a wealth of information and guidance on the outdoors from experts and enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you.

AMC Outdoors

AMC Outdoors is our digital magazine that inspires readers to get outside and get engaged through high-quality, compelling articles about outdoor recreation and education, safety and gear advice, conservation and climate issues, and more.

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Books and Maps

AMC publications are a handy and reliable reference for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic adventurers, covering outdoor activities from coasts, mountains, and rivers, to local trails and urban landscapes. Since 1889, AMC has published the most trusted guidebooks and maps, written and field-checked by outdoor experts who love the outdoors and are committed to sharing their knowledge with readers of all skill levels.

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Appalachia Journal

Packed with poems and prose, book reviews, science, and exciting exploits from around the globe, Appalachia delivers inspired stories of adventure, redemption, and the outdoors.

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Library & Archives

AMC Library & Archives have been an integral part of America’s oldest environmental conservation and outdoor recreation nonprofit since 1876 and hold more than 140 years of written and visual history—anchoring a remarkable landscape in which the past lies alongside the present and future.  

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