Leadership and Financials

Leadership & Financials

Meet the vibrant group of people who are dedicated to preserving AMC’s mission and championing its vision

Active AMC members have a voice in AMC’s governance, including a vote on AMC’s Board of Directors officers and directors.

Board of Directors
  • Elizabeth Ehrenfeld


  • Yvette Austin Smith

    Vice Chair

  • Lois Rothenberger

    Treasurer and Regional Director, Southern Region

  • Martha (Marty) Wallace


  • Birgitta C. Dickerson

  • Cindy Butts

    Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Region

  • Charlie Arsenault

    Regional Director, Central Region

  • Cheryl Duckworth

  • Dee Dee Mozeleski

  • Greg Agran

  • John Mullens

    Regional Director, Northern Region 

  • Kathleen McCarragher

  • Laurie Gabriel

  • Rachel Rowe

  • Scott Livingston

  • Samarjit Shankar

  • Stephen Rushmore Jr.

  • Steve Smith

  • Steve Tadler

  • William B. Tyree

  • R. William (Bill) Burgess Jr.

Staff Leadership Team
  • John Judge

    President and CEO

  • Chuck Johnston

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jennifer Norris

    Chief Development Officer

  • Susan Arnold

    Vice President of Conservation

  • Paul Cuhna

    Vice President of Operations

Chapter Chairs
  • Cindy Crosby


  • John Grasso


  • Susan Weida

    Delaware Valley

  • Cindy Caverly


  • Kevin Cox

    Mohawk Hudson

  • Larry Rollins


  • Rick Silverberg

    New Hampshire

  • Kaspar Alexander

    New York-North Jersey

  • Lisa Novins


  • Len Ulbricht

    Southeastern Massachusetts

  • Brant Cheikes

    Western Mass

  • Kim Beauchemin